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  • FT-HUMOR@yahoogroups.com
    Oct 1 10:47 AM
      Im mailing the LIST DESCRIPTION out monthly,
      because of so many of the "me too" posts..
      And for the off topic posts..
      Im open to comments and ideas from the other moderators on this..
      I feel 80 to 90 percent freethought jokes is a good target..
      This leaves room to post something you find really fully anyway.

      NOTE on attaching pictures..
      YAHOO will remove them..
      I know its work, but you can go to this lists website
      (you have to have a yahoogroups login)..
      A good place to put them is under pictures
      (there is a link on the left side of the main page)..


      Category: Atheism


      Humor on the subject of religious fanatics, religious politics,
      religious traditions, etc.

      This list is mainly for freethinkers, atheists, humanists, etc.
      Christians may or may not appreciate this kind of humor (fair warning).
      However, many feel there is an awful lot to make fun of (and if
      the shoe fits wear it).

      Thomas Jefferson advised (I couldnt find the exact quote)
      to "ridiculue Christianity out of existence."
      Considering the great harm caused by organized religions, we can only try.

      Still, we hope readers can take jokes with a grain of salt when need be,
      because there are no sacred cows to freethinkers. However, the point really
      humor. We can only hope list members will try to post jokes that are funny.

      I'm not sure what exactly constitutes positive atheism/FT
      in terms of humor. Maybe it will become clear later.
      Although there will be no censorship on this list,
      we do encourage *positive* atheism/FT
      (if by only setting positive examples ourselves).
      IMHO this means walking a careful line, and is something
      open to discussion on this list.

      "Attachments" are ! NOT ! allowed,
      because of yahoo rules...

      Please post FT HUMOR as a web link, text, or dwnld to the files section...

      This email list is 100-percent moderated to save each of us,
      from SPAM and OT posts.
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