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  • Deborah Paar
    Aug 21, 2010
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      Hey, come on!  They'll tell you that Adam & Eve were created as the first man & woman on Earth, but also that they had pre-existing neighbors that surely their sons took wives from.  The whole thing is so apologist & erroneous that it's hard to ignore the blatantly selfish nature of those who choose to make themselves believe it.
      Keep on truckin'!  :-D

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      Same thing with Noah.  First,  that ark had to stink to high heaven.  Can you imagine living with donkeys and elephants and monkeys in a close space on a hot humid day?  Also,  like you said about Adam and Eve,  after the water went away the only way to repopulate humanity would be for Noah and his family to do the bone dance together.  Man, incest is all over the bible.  (Didn't Lot or somebody lay with his daughters?)   I just can't believe so many people take that ridiculous book as holy and sacrosanct.  My friends ask me,  "Paul, why do you drink so much?"

      On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 1:43 AM, <NoGoodGods@...> wrote:
      And because a woman had a conversation with a talking snake, the "God of Love", has sent trillions of people to writhing agony in a flaming lake.  Harry Potter or what?
              I find referring to christianity as "The cult of the talking snake" annoys them nearly as much as referring to their messiah as "The bastard Nazarine chippie". Touchy lot ain't they ?
      If you believe in creation as proposed in the Bible, then Adam and Eve's children would actually have had to have sex with one another for the Earth to have become populated.
      This is surely proof that Alabama was at one time the Garden of Eden.

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