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1918Re: [FT-HUMOR] Re: Christian Cannibals

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  • Claude Kadiddlehopper
    May 3, 2009
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      I read a story in Omni magazine (remember that one, you other old timers out there?) about 30 years ago related to this.  It is an SF story, and I can't remember the author, although it could have been Phil Dick.  It was in his style at least. 
      The premise is that a space traveller is injured and et's rescue her, barely able to keep her from dying outright but doing what they can despite the different biologies.  They are telepathic, though, so can read some of her thoughts.  To keep her mind stimulated they put her through one of their religious rituals, in which their deity consumes their flesh.  It was pretty Kuhl.  If you remember who wrote it and the title do tell.
      Mark S.

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      Subject: [FT-HUMOR] Re: Christian Cannibals
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        Yes, indeed!
        Can you imagine why the Jewish people of the first century may have had a problem with Christianity?  They didn't believe in drinking blood.  It was against their dietary rules!  That was a practice of the Greek pagans, and was completely contrary to Judaism.  Then, a religion (Christianity) comes along that has a ritual in which you drink the blood of the deity of the religion!  Oh, that's a hoot!  No wonder they wouldn't have anything to do with it!
        - Steve
      In a message dated 04/30/09 21:23:45 Eastern Daylight Time, donnajgore@yahoo. com writes:
      That's why I LMAO when Xtians condemn pagan religions as "occult." What could POSSIBLY be more occult than worshipping a zombie by eating his flesh and drinking his blood ??

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