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USRowing Coaching Conference

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  • Dan Newman
    *http://www.usrowing.org/Events/AdvancedCoachesConference.aspx* * * * * *2011 ADVANCED COACHES CONFERENCE* This year is the inaugural *USRowing Advanced
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      This year is the inaugural USRowing Advanced Coaches Conference. It is a robust, stand-alone conference that replaces the old advanced coaching seminars that were held as part of the annual convention.

      The Advanced Coaches Conference will take place on the last two days of the annual convention – all day on Saturday, December 3, and half of the day on Sunday, December 4.

      The theme of the conference is “How to build a successful college or high school rowing program.” We have many successful programs working in almost primitive conditions, but we also have programs that seem to have everything who are struggling to create fast boats.

      At this year’s Advanced Coaches Conference, we have asked some of the most successful coaches in the country to share their experiences on how to build a program, how to turn around a struggling program, and how they manage to stay on top for many years.

      Tom Terhaar, Tim McLaren, Harry Parker, Mike Teti, Steve Gladstone, Lori Dauphiny, Kevin Sauer, Tom Bohrer, Liz Trond, Rich Davis and others will talk about building a program, technique, training, race preparation and much more.

      Do not miss this unique opportunity to learn how to build a successful program. Everyone can coach the catch but not everyone knows how to turn a program around.

      Roster of Speakers:
      • Tom Bohrer    
      • Eric Catalano    
      • Chris Chase    
      • Lori Dauphiny    
      • Rich Davis
      • Steve Gladstone    
      • Steve Hargis    
      • Tim McLaren    
      • Harry Parker    
      • Kevin Sauer
      • Tom Terhaar    
      • Mike Teti    
      • Liz Trond    
      • Yan Vengerovskiy    
      • Matt Weise

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