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FW: Repair person in Tampa

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  • Christine Deatrick
    Hey Everyone! I m forwarding this out just in case it didn t make it to everyone. When I was at Temple, I would take my damaged boats up to Princeton for Brad
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2008

      Hey Everyone!


      I’m forwarding this out just in case it didn’t make it to everyone.  When I was at Temple , I would take my damaged boats up to Princeton for Brad to repair.  His workmanship is the best & he’s just worth meeting!  And it seems like we’re always trying to find good boatmen in the area.  If you’ve got a damaged boat, Brad’s the man!


      Chris Deatrick

      Head Coach

      Men’s & Women’s Crews

      Stetson University

      GO HATTERS!!!


      From: Dave Dickison [mailto:ddickison@...]
      Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2008 3:08 PM
      To: Christine Deatrick
      Subject: Repair person in Tampa



      Brad Woodrick, Princeton University 's skilled boatman, is traveling to Tampa next week. His role from Jan 24th to Feb 6th is primarily as a driver and he will have plenty of time to repair boats. He has the ability to stop on his way down, travel during his stay, or stop on his return trip to fix anything in your boathouse that needs fixing.

      Brad has helped us with many occassions and highly competent and quick at repairs. He can be reached by cell phone, 609-462-2321.

      Please contact me if I can be service or provide addition information.


      Dave Dickison
      Senior Sales Representative, Vespoli USA

      Cellular: 203-668-5655

      385 Clinton Ave.
      New Haven, CT , 06513



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