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New Text Messaging recruiting rules for NCAA coaches

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  • John Gartin
    Coaches, I wanted to pass on to you the new rules governing text messaging/Instant Messaging by college coaches to potential student athletes (read: high
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2007

      I wanted to pass on to you the new rules governing text
      messaging/Instant Messaging by college coaches to potential student
      athletes (read: high school rowers). I know a lot of your student-
      athletes use text messaging and Instant Messaging to communicate and
      some may even be moving away from or may not even look at their
      email. If any of your athletes are looking to be or are being
      recruited by NCAA schools please tell them to check their email
      regularly. The coaches at DI (and soon coaches at DII schools) will
      not be able to send the student-athletes cell phone text messages or
      communicate via Instant Messaging systems starting August 1, 2007.

      For the legal eagles out their I have attached a copy of the DI
      rules and the NCAA notice on the DII rule adoption.

      Please feel free to contact me at gartin@... or 954-262-8273
      with any questions.

      Thank You!

      John Gartin, Women's Rowing Coach
      Nova Southeastern University

      Division I Rule: Electronic Transmissions. Effective Date: Aug 01, 2007
      Electronically transmitted correspondence that may be sent to a
      prospective student-athlete is limited to electronic mail and
      facsimiles. (See Bylaw All other forms of electronically
      transmitted correspondence (e.g., Instant Messenger, text messaging)
      are prohibited. Color attachments may be included with electronic
      mail correspondence sent to a prospective student-athlete, provided
      the attachment only includes information that is not created for
      recruiting purposes, except for items that are specifically
      permitted as printed recruiting materials (e.g., questionnaires).
      In addition, attachments shall not include any animation, audio or
      video clips and there shall be no cost (e.g., subscription fee)
      associated with sending the item attached to the electronic mail

      Division II advances modified text-message proposal

      The Division II Management Council backed modified text-message
      limits during its July 23-24 in Washington, D.C., that may provide a
      middle ground for people who favor outright elimination and others
      who want no restrictions at all.

      The compromise came after a motion to reconsider an earlier decision
      to ask the Presidents Council to send a proposal to eliminate text
      messaging to the Convention floor. The amendment would allow text
      messaging only after a prospect has signed a National Letter of
      Intent or has signed the institution's written offer of financial
      aid or admission.

      That seemed to satisfy members who don't see text messaging as a
      relevant recruiting tool and others who believe it beats the e-
      mail/fax alternative for delivering information.

      The Division II Presidents Council will consider the issue during
      its August 9 conference call, and both the Management and Presidents
      Councils will review the matter one more time during their fall
      meetings before the membership decides the issue at the Convention.

      Division I approved legislation in April that bans text messaging
      beginning August 1. Enough override requests were received, however,
      to require the Board of Directors to reconsider the issue at its
      August 9 meeting. If the Board upholds its April decision, the text-
      messaging ban would last at least until a Division I membership vote
      at a Convention business session January 12.
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