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FW: Basic Referee Clinic - South Florida

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  • Crossley, Brice A
    Please don t reply directly to this message. If you want to respond, please forward your response to salascrew2000@aol.com .
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      Please don't reply directly to this message. If you want to respond, please "forward" your response to salascrew2000@....
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      Thanks, Brice
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      Subject: Basic Referee Clinic - South Florida

      Saturday  February 24th I'll be conducting a USRowing Referee Clinic at the Shane Watersports Center located on 6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. The clinic is to start at 10AM ending by noon.
      As the sport of Rowing expands in Florida we need to recruit more referees to support it, join me next Saturday February 24th.
      If you have any questions please contact me at salascrew2000@...
      Jorge Salas
      USRowing Referee - Clinician
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