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Hood Cup Registration

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  • Thompson, Brandon
    Information for Hood Cup is attached. Please contact myself or Genny Dickson if you have any questions. Genny Dickson genowewa@aol.com Hope to see you all
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2006

      Information for Hood Cup is attached. Please contact myself or Genny Dickson if you have any questions.

      Genny Dickson  genowewa@...

      Hope to see you all there.

      Hood Cup 2006


      Saturday, March 25, 2006


      Boone Crew, and the South Orlando Rowing Association, will host the 13th Annual Hood Cup Scholastic Regatta on March 25, 2006. The regatta will be at Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake Park , 3401 South Hiawassee Rd Orlando Fl. 32835.


      Parking:  Ample trailer, bus and auto parking will be available at the race site.  The city of Orlando collects a $4 per vehicle parking fee.  The parking lot will be unlocked until 6:30 PM on Friday, prior to the regatta, for teams arriving early.  Please do not leave cars or trucks in the area designated for trailer parking.  The parking area will re-open at 6:30 AM on the morning of the regatta.


      Participants:  This regatta is open to all boys and girls rowing for schools and/or clubs. A rower may only represent one Club or High School, not both.


      Sanctioning Body and Waivers: This is a United States Rowing Association registered regatta, conducted under the USRA’s member insurance program.  Accordingly, each competitor must provide a completed and signed U.S. Rowing Waver Form.  (Download the Waiver Form here.) Please present your team’s Waiver Forms when checking in at the registration tent.


      No rower will be allowed to compete without a completed and signed Waiver Form on file


      Regatta Rules: The 2006 Hood Cup Regatta will follow the FSRA Scholastic Regatta Rules for spring 2006.  The rules can be found at www.floridarowing.org




      2006 Hood Cup Entry Fees

      March 1,2006


      After march 15,2006


      Doubles (2X)



      Fours (4X)



      Eights (8X)



      Maximum Entry Cap




      ENTRIES must be received by Friday, March 17, 2006.   Please register before March 1,2006.  No entries will be accepted after March 17, 2006.


      Scratch Fees: A $20 scratch fee per race will be in effect beginning Wednesday, March 17, 2006 until race day.


      Dock Fees: A $1.00 dock fee will be assessed per athlete.                   


      Late Entries: Schools or clubs with outstanding fees or scratch fees will not be permitted to participate until fees are paid in full.


      Mailing Address: Completed registration forms and registration fee checks (made payable to “South Orlando Rowing Association”) should be mailed to:


      Genny Dickson

      1357 Wald Rd.

      Orlando , Florida 32806



      Download a copy of the registration form – 2006 Hood Cup Regatta Registration Form


      Coaches and Cox Meeting: There will be a mandatory meeting adjacent to the Boone Crew boathouse at 7:00AM on the morning of the regatta.


      Bowballs, Bowmarkers and Shoes: No boat will be permitted on the water without a bowball and quick-release shoes.  Each team should supply it’s own bowmarkers and have the correct lane number (1-6) fitted to the bow prior to each race.


      Seeding/Lane Assignments:  Heats will be seeded based on the prior spring regattas, as available.  Finals lane assignments will follow the standard progression rules.  Lame progressions will be posted on the day of the race.  Heat winners will receive center lane assignments.


      Tents:  Tents will be permitted in designated areas only.  Tents can be erected no earlier than 3:00PM on Friday, March 24, 2006.


      Boat trailer parking:  Ample boat trailer parking will be available in designated areas.  Boat trailer parking is available after 2:00PM on Friday March 24, 2006.  Although security will be provided from Friday 6:00PM through Saturday at 6:00AM, boat and trailer parking is at your own risk. . Trailer drivers may contact Steve Andersen at 321-794-0548


      Practice:  Friday March 24, 2006 from 12:00PM to 5:00PM.  Rowers must be off the water by 5:30PM.  The park will close at 6:00PM.


      Lightweight Standards:  Weigh-ins will be open from 7:00AM until 9:00AM near the registration Pavilion.  No boat averaging and Crews should weigh in as a complete boat, including alternates.  Weigh-ins will be done in a racing suit. Lightweight for men is 150 lbs.; lightweight for women is 130 lbs.


      Eligibility:  A rower may only represent one Club of High School, not both.


      Flight and Lane Assignments:  The number of flights will be determined after all registrations are received.  Final flight and lane assignments will be determined by March 20th and the final schedule of events will be posted on www.boonecrew.com


      Awards:  Medals will be awarded for first, second and third place finished in each final.  A race trophy, to remain in the possession of the winning crew for one year, will be awarded to the team with the most points.  Points will be awarded for events as outlined in the FSRA Annual Championship Regatta Rules.


      Merchandise and Concessions: Available on-site after 8:00AM.  Please support our food concession stand.


      Posting of Race Results: Results will be posted and updated near the announcer’s pavilion throughout the day of the race, and announced periodically over the public address system.




      Brandon Thompson

      Boone Crew Head Coach

      Lake Gem Elementary- 5th Grade

      407-532-7900  ext.267



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