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The Revolt Against Civilization

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  • Allan D Hampton
    http://www.whitenationalist.org/lindstedt/revltciv.html Excerpt from The Revolt Against Civilization The Menace of the Under Man By LOTHRUP STODDARD, A.M.,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005

      Excerpt from The Revolt Against Civilization
      The Menace of the Under Man
      LOTHRUP STODDARD, A.M., PH.D (Harvard)
      Copyright 1922, Charles Scribner's Sons

      "Such is our racial balance-sheet. And, be it remembered: our
      civilization, unlike its predecessors, cannot shift the burden to
      other shoulders, because there are no more untapped "racial
      reserves." No "noble barbarians" wait to step forward as in the
      past; the barbarians and savages who still remain in the world are
      demonstrably of inferior caliber and can contribute little or
      nothing to the progress of civilization.

      If, then, our civilization is to survive, it must conserve and
      foster its own race values. Happily our civilization possesses two
      great advantages over past times: scientific knowledge and the
      scientific spirit. To us have been revealed secrets of life our
      forebears never knew. And to us has been vouchsafed a passion for
      the truth such as the world has never seen. Other ages have sought
      truth from the lips of seers and prophets; our age seeks it from
      scientific proof. Other ages have had their saints and martyrs --
      dauntless souls who clung to the faith with unshakeable constancy.
      Yet our age has also had its saints and martyrs -- heroes who can
      not only face death for their faith, but who can also scrap their
      faith when facts have proved it wrong. There, indeed, is courage!
      And therein lies our hope.
      This matchless love of truth, this spirit of science which combines
      knowledge and faith in the synthesis of a higher wisdom, as yet
      inspires only the elite of our time. Most of us are still more or
      less under the spell of the past -- the spell of passion, prejudice,
      and unreason. It is thus that ideas and ideals clearly disproved by
      science yet claim the allegiance of multitudes of worthy men.

      The dead hand of false doctrines and fallacious hopes lies,
      indeed, heavy upon us. Laws, institutions, customs, ideas, and
      ideals are all stamped deep with its imprint. Our very minds and
      souls are imbued with delusions like environmentalism and "natural
      equality" from whose emotional grip it is hard to escape. Mighty as
      is the new truth, our eyes are yet blinded to its full meaning, our
      hearts shrink instinctively from its wider implications, and our
      feet falter on the path to higher destinies.

      These reactionary forces stubbornly impede the progress of those
      deep-going eugenic reforms which must speedily be undertaken if our
      civilization is to be saved from decline and our race from decay.

      This is serious enough. But there is something more serious still.
      The reactionary forces which we have just described, though,
      powerful, are, after all, essentially negative in character. With
      the spread of enlightenment they would soon wither -- if they stood
      alone. But they do not stand alone. Behind them, sheltered by them,
      lurks a positive, aggressive force: The Under-Man!

      The Under-Man is unconvertible. He will not bow to the new truth,
      because he knows that the new truth is not for him. Why should he
      work for a higher civilization, when even the present civilization
      is beyond his powers? What the Under-Man wants is, not progress, but
      regress -- regress to more primitive conditions in which he would be
      at home. In fact, the more he grasps the significance of the new
      eugenic truth, the uglier grows his mood. So long as all men
      believed all men potentially equal, the Under-Man could delude
      himself into thinking that changed circumstances might rise him to
      the top. Now that nature herself proclaims him irremediably
      inferior, his hatred of superiority knows no bounds.

      This hatred he has always instinctively felt. Envy and resentment
      of superiority have ever been the badges of base minds. Yet never
      have these badges been so fiercely flaunted, so defiantly worn, as
      to-day. This explains the seeming paradox that, just when the
      character of superiority becomes supremely manifest, the cry for
      leveling "equality" rises supremely shrill. The Under-Man revolts
      against progress! Nature herself having decreed him uncivilizable,
      the Under-Man declares war on civilization.

      These are not pretty facts. But we had better face them, lest they
      face us, and catch us unawares. Let us, then, understand once and
      for all that we have among us a rebel army -- the vast host of the
      unadaptable, the incapable, the envious, the discontented, filled
      with instinctive hatred of civilization and progress, and ready on
      the instant to rise in revolt. Here are foes that need watching. Let
      us watch them."

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