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Re: Members, FYI.

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  • William Albenzi
    All, I figure I should let people know what happened since it was brought up here. Allan has been an excellent and active Local Group Leader until he began
    Message 1 of 2 , May 24, 2005
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      I figure I should let people know what happened since it was brought
      up here.

      Allan has been an excellent and active Local Group Leader until he
      began violating the FSP's guidelines. He had organized and decided
      to cover the convention and his efforts were appreciated.
      Unfortunately circumstances dictated that he be removed from the FSP.

      As a result of this, I had to contact the LP-AR convention
      organizer. I let him know that Allan was no longer a representative
      of the FSP. At that time I thought we had two people available to
      cover it. He let me know that there would be roughly a dozen
      attendees and that the convention would be from 9am until 1pm.

      I contacted one possible person, and they were now unavailable to
      cover it. James was still willing to cover the event. However in
      order to cover the distance in his Eco-System Smasher, it would cost
      $160 in gas alone. I decided that it was not a responsible use of
      the money you have donated to the FSP ($15 per contact with few if
      any sign-ups). I asked James to forgo the trip.

      I called the LP-AR convention coordinator and left a message stating
      this. He apparently did not receive the voicemail until after Allan
      had arrived. He called me back after the convention and let me know
      that everything was fine.

      Will Albenzi
      "He who tolerates insult invites injury." - Saying of Jewish origin

      --- In FSP_DFW@yahoogroups.com, "Allan D Hampton" <ahampton@c...>
      > Just to let you (Sandy Pierre) know that I attended (couldn't find
      > anyone else to do it) the AR-LP Convention yesterday as agreed
      > previously with you. When I walked in almost an hour early to help
      > set up a FSP table to hand out FSP flyers (that I bought from the
      > FSP store and some I printed, about two hundred flyers) I was met
      > an Official of AR-LP saying that I was not the FSP person to hand
      > out FSP flyers as reported to him by Will Albenzi. Will had
      > contacted AR-LP and told them two other people were to attend as
      > representatives. I attended the meeting because I personally paid
      > LP to do so but did not hand out any FSP flyers, I left at 11:30 am
      > when the AR-LP started to discuss Party business and no FSP
      > representatives had shown up at that time. BTW my personal check to
      > AR-LP is marked "for FSP Table" to hand out FSP flyers.
      > I am falsely accused (finger pointing) of being a racist and bigot
      > by true racists and bigots for discussing those racist's/bigot's
      > criminal and anti-America/American activity. I am more than happy
      > learn the FSP position on and support of anti-America racist and
      > bigots and deeply disappointed that my support of FSP "idea" is
      > likely lost. The FSP idea of moving 20,000 "freedom minded" people
      > to NH I fully supported. But, now I have grave misgivings that
      > 20,000 freedom minded people that support anti-America/American
      > bigots and racists have any understanding at all of the meaning of
      > the word freedom. Therefore, they will do more harm than good to
      > what little freedom remains in NH, the last Free State in America.
      > Anti-America racist and bigots have control of U.S. governments and
      > the mind of most citizens. NH is the last stronghold of freedom in
      > America and my greatest desire is that it remains so free.
      > With Kind Regards,
      > Allan
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