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[Fwd: It's 2005 PorcFest Roundup Time!]

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    ... Subject: [FSPLocalGroupLeaders] It s 2005 PorcFest Roundup Time! From: Tim Condon Date: Wed, May 4, 2005 8:30 am To: Home Home
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      Subject: [FSPLocalGroupLeaders] It's 2005 PorcFest Roundup Time!
      From: Tim Condon <tim@...>
      Date: Wed, May 4, 2005 8:30 am
      To: Home Home <tcondon@...>

      The Free State Project's*
      * Second Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival*
      * will be held on*
      * Saturday, July 23, 2005, thru Sunday, July 31, 2005 *
      * at*
      * Rogers Campground & Motel, Lancaster, New Hampshire
      **5/1/05: PORCFEST SPAM #7* *
      /* */* AS PROMISED, this week I want to tell you all about the
      multifarious 2nd Amendment activities planned and still in planning for
      the Second Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival. Bill Walker of Glen Allen,
      Virginia is our Point Man for organizing shooting fun, classes, and the
      like at the PorcFest. He'll be attending the PorcFest, legally wearing
      his signature "open carry" .45 automatic (because we all have the legal
      right to open carry in the Free State), with his beautiful and talented
      Significant Other, Kate Marshall.
      It turns out that Bill became a libertarian when he argued that
      anyone should be able to freely own a machine gun in America (the 2nd
      Amendment, you know), and one of his college chemistry professors told
      him "if you really believe that, you should be voting Libertarian." Says
      Bill, "I had no idea what he was talking about, and after a quick
      internet search, I discovered Harry Browne, and I was hooked. Reading
      nearly everything ever written by Ayn Rand contributed to
      un-brainwashing me after growing up in New Jersey and Maryland."
      "I have optimistic plans for 2nd Amendment activities at the
      PorcFest," explains Bill, "including general discussion of the 2nd
      Amendment, what it means to various individuals, and why it is important
      in modern society. I want to cover general gun safety, gun handling
      skills, the function and technical use of a wide variety of firearms,
      the three phases of projectile ballistics, self-defense tactics,
      dry-fire exercise, clay pigeon shooting, IDPA-style events, and shooting
      the Army Qualification Test to practice rifle skills."
      "Specific classes I would like to see presented include the
      1. Basic Firearms Safety.
      2. Practical Firearms Carry and Use (holsters, clothing, legal
      considerations, etc.).
      3. Small Arms Function (basic operating principles).
      4. Practical Firearms Use (how to actually shoot).
      5. Self-Defense and the Law."
      "All the above promises to be really FUN! You haven't lived
      until you've drawn a concealed handgun, engaged cardboard badguys, and
      then reloaded to deal with their cardboard cronies against a timer. And
      you haven't lived until you've blasted clays from the sky with a
      shotgun, or powdered them at close range in a 3-gun competition. I
      regularly attend such events with men and women ranging in age from 13
      to 73, and I always have a great time, meet new people, learn a
      lot...and get to recruit new FSP members! So really, these activities
      are going to be geared toward almost anyone who shows up to the
      festival, whether they have ever shot a gun or not."

      Is that enough for you Porcupines? Well there's more. "Michael
      Badnarik, a strong supporter of the Constitutionally protected right to
      keep and bear arms, will be at the festival, and I will be bringing my
      Model 1911A1 .45 caliber handgun that he and his VP candidate, Richard
      Campagna, both signed. I have also invited other libertarian 2nd
      Amendment activists to come to the PorcFest, including Sunni
      Maravillosa, Vin Suprynowicz, Aaron Zelman (who won't be able to attend,
      but will be supplying me with various 2nd Amendment and Jews for the
      Preservation of Firearms Ownership materials for the festival), and Kim
      "People should actively participate in 2nd Amendment activities
      because such freedoms are an important part of our American heritage.
      These activities build self-confidence, increase rational understanding
      of guns and decrease baseless anxiety and phobias, and because in
      today's society--just as in all past societies--there are predators and
      criminals that we have the responsibility to control and defeat. Our
      freedom to buy a gun, to carry a gun, and to use a gun only sets the
      stage for responsible citizens to begin the lifelong task of learning to
      use these modern tools to protect (and sometimes feed) our families,
      our loved ones, and our neighbors."
      "The more that people can familiarize themselves with firearms
      before the festival, the more rewarding all of the activities will be.
      Terms won't be foreign, basic operation of firearms and names of parts
      will be generally understood, and timidity due to ignorance will be
      reduced or eliminated. I personally favor books by Massad Ayoob, Jeff
      Cooper, and Kenneth R. Royce (Boston T. Party), but anything that people
      can do to prepare themselves for a really action-packed festival would
      be to their benefit. I will welcome anyone who will listen and respect
      my rules for safety to participate in the festival's activities. And if
      you want to just watch and not shoot, that's also fine with me. I'm
      always helping people who are new to guns, and am always happy to defer
      questions to more knowledgeable people."
      "Since the schedule is still being established, the main 2nd
      Amendment speakers may be from the Gun Owners of New Hampshire and other
      local organizations, although Sunni Maravillosa seemed very
      enthusiastic about attending. Evelyn Logan will be teaching a Refuse To
      Be A Victim class, and Tony Lekas may spearhead an excursion to the
      indoor range in Manchester of which he is a member in order to train
      new shooters. I'm still looking for people who are familiar with the
      use of firearms to help me answer questions for people who are new to
      guns, as well as to act as Range Safety Officers (RSO's) at any
      shooting events where we may need them. I need people who can donate
      and/or build and/or lend
      shooting equipment for the 2nd Amendment activities at the PorcFest,
      including IDPA target stands, 1x2's, clay throwers, cases of clays, and
      other such materials that would be a big help in making it all happen."
      "I am also looking for NH gun dealers who would be interested in

      sponsoring events and/or setting up vendor tables for the convenience of
      shooters (to buy ammo, targets, gear, cleaning stuff, etc.) SO..if you
      know any New Hampshire gun dealers who would like to be a part of the
      PorcFest and increase their business, put them in touch with me!"
      Help out with the Second Amendment activities at the PorcFest:
      You can contact Bill and Kate at their Virginia home at 804-747-4751, or
      email Bill at his email address of creativechemist888@.... */*

      NEXT WEEK there's going to be another roundup about the revised
      schedule, newly confirmed speakers, the now-confirmed free libertarian
      rock concert, and other great stuff. Tune in then to hear all about it!
      /* SYATPF!*/
      /* (See You At The Porc Fest!)*/
      1. You need to be a part of it! For all information about the
      PorcFest 2005, go online to www.freestateproject.org/festival. Join in
      both attending and helping to publicize the 2nd Annual Free State
      Project Porcupine Freedom Festival...aka the "PorcFest 2005."
      2. FORWARD THIS EMAIL to your own email lists. We all have lists

      of friends, family, and freedom-lovers we know, and they should all have
      the opportunity to plan on attending PorcFest 2005. So when you receive
      this PorcFest spam, pass it on!
      3. In 2004 the We'll Be There List topped out at about 177, and
      over 300 people attended. Today there are 215 on the list. To check out
      who's already signed up, go to
      http://freestateproject.org/news/festival/bethere2005.php...and then add
      yourself and your family members!
      4. Lodging and accommodations at the Porc Fest: Here's
      everything you need to know about the Lancaster, NH campground and motel
      where the PorcFest will be held, as well as other local lodging; go to
      5. To see what PorcFest 2005 is going to be like, take a look at

      PorcFest 2004 reports and pictures online at
      6. If you have any questions, email Varrin Swearingen, our "PFC"

      (Porc Fest Czar) for this year, at varrin@..., or me,
      Tim Condon, at tim@... (813-251-2626). Many people are
      helping put this gathering together, but we need you too. Help us by
      joining our PorcFest planning email list at

      /*SUPERCHARGED SOLITONS, Chapter 7, By Tim Condon*/
      /*(Note: This is the latest chapter in a dystopian-future science
      fiction novel where the United States has gone to hell and only the Free
      State and its fiercely independent, individualistic, and defiant
      citizens observe the Constitution and maintain traditional American
      freedoms; as such, they continue to prosper amid the wreckage elsewhere
      in America. Each chapter appears at the end of each PFS, all of which
      can be found and read online at

      Behind him Bennett heard railway cars begin moving, oblivious in

      their automation to the ugly events transpiring inside one of the cars.
      Bennett paused in the darkness, peering backward, watching for signs of
      pursuit. There was none. He jogged quickly across a street, then through
      a condo parking lot to an adjacent street. He didn't hear the
      distance-muffled crack of a firearm as the train left the station and
      picked up speed. He paused in deep shadows and reached automatically to
      his cell phone, rushing to dial an emergency number, then stopped. He
      look around for a pay phone. Across the street a closed gas station had
      a phone.
      Bennett jogged across the street and grasped the phone with his
      hand inside his jacket arm to avoid fingerprinting the receiver. He
      punched in 911 and a bored operator answered as he pitched his voice in
      a high screeching whine, spitting the words into the phone: "Six people
      are on the Metro heading south from the Gables/U.S. One station. Four
      are CG gang members, two are BC's, one CG is badly injured, the BC's are
      in danger of being beaten and raped."
      He hung up as he heard the inevitable "state your name and
      address" over the receiver. Only then did he feel the warm drip of the
      blood from his right forearm soaking into the fabric of his field
      jacket. Moving quickly away from the gas station phone and into the
      adjacent run-down neighborhood, Bennett held up his right arm to a dim
      street light.
      The fabric of the jacket was sliced through. Some blood soaked
      the area around the cut. He held the forearm with his left hand,
      squeezing, using the fabric as a bandage; he could tell the cut was not
      deep, and hoped it wouldn't require stitches. He didn't want to have to
      go to a hospital tonight, where he would doubtless be spotted by
      authorities looking for a man crazy enough to assault a Castro-Guevara.
      If his identity became known, he would be dead within a month.
      Moving quickly through the neighborhood away from the railway,
      Bennett heard a dog bark from a darkened backyard.
      How to get home.
      He paused; he was miles from his originally intended station. He

      took out his cell phone and punched in a quick call. He heard the
      buzzing sound of the phone on the other end.
      A sleepy male voice answered: "Yeah."
      "Rick. Frank here."
      The voice became more alert on the other side. "What's going on
      Frank? It's three in the morning, man." The voice of Richard Thomas,
      Frank Bennett's best friend and karate sparring partner, calmed him.
      Bennett spoke quickly: "I'm in trouble, Rick. Need you to pick me up at
      a closed convenience store off LeJeune, about six blocks south of U.S.
      "On the way, man. Are you hurt?"
      "A little bit. Not too bad I don't think. I'll be behind a
      dumpster on the back side of the store. Do me a favor and call Linda
      too. Tell her don't under any circumstances call the police. I'm okay.
      Got it?"
      "Got it. On my way."
      Bennett huddled deep in the shadows behind a crumpled dumpster
      at the back of the convenience store, waiting for Thomas to arrive. In
      surprisingly few minutes, lights slowed behind the store, passing across
      the dumpster, then abruptly expired. Bennett moved to the edge of the
      dumpster, peering around as he heard the hoarse whisper of his friend
      calling to him.
      "Frank! Are you back there?"
      "Yeah, I'm here," Bennett said, stepping gingerly from the
      shadows. "Let's hit it. Did you call Linda?"
      "Yeah, she's freaked, but she'll sit tight till we get there."
      "Good," replied Bennett. "Let's go. There may be all kinds of
      cops around now. I may need some medical attention too, don't know for
      The two men slipped into Rick Thomas's taxi, and it slid
      smoothly from behind the building. Thomas wound expertly through back
      suburban streets, taking them across only two major intersections. As
      they drove, Bennett checked out his slashed forearm. He was relieved to
      find the cut neither deep nor serious; a few butterfly bandages would
      take care of the matter. Once again he thanked his penchant for wearing
      the old, heavy-cloth Army jacket, even in the humid hotness of
      summertime Miami. His main reason for wearing it was the multiple
      pockets easily reached, particularly important when it was necessary to
      carry the lock-blade knife.
      Rick Thomas glanced over at his friend as they approached
      Bennett's duplex apartment in South Miami. "Man, were you out there
      playing Billy Badass tonight?"
      "Yeah," replied Bennett wearily. "I guess you could say that.
      Not exactly something I asked for." He fell silent.
      "You mind telling me what happened?" inquired Thomas.
      "Not right now, Rick. At this point, it's probably better you
      don't know. Just don't tell anyone about this, hah?" He looked over at
      his friend. "Just let it lay for now; it's best you don't know
      anything...if you get my drift."
      Thomas nodded. "My lips are sealed, man. I just want you to
      know, this is going to be one great story when you do tell me about it;
      I can't wait for the noise to die down."
      "Yeah, well don't believe what you might see in the papers
      tomorrow," Bennett said. "Couple of BC's might have gotten hurt...maybe
      bad, and the media's going to get it wrong as usual." He hesitated, then
      continued in a low voice. "The BC's could have gotten waxed. I don't
      "Really?" said Thomas, brightening perceptibly. "I can't wait to

      read about it. Couldn't happen to nicer scum."
      "You know, that's the second time tonight I've heard them
      referred to that way."
      "You bet your ass, man, You listen to your friends." He turned
      silently into the driveway of the ramshackle duplex where Frank and
      Linda Bennett lived. The rundown neighborhood was quiet in the early
      darkness. "How 'bout I come in, help you out," Thomas said as a light
      came on by the door and they saw Linda step out, dressed in a running
      outfit with sweat pants and sweatshirt.
      "Nah. You go on; I'll be okay. I'll tell you, though, you saved
      my ass tonight. I'll talk to you later about it. You did good."
      "Shit," Thomas snorted. "All us Uncle Toms like to save at least

      one whitey's ass every year. That keeps us in good with the INS." He
      grinned in the darkness at Bennett, but his eyes were wary. There had
      been suggestions that he should be deported for "writings prejudicial to
      minority equality." He had scoffed at the notion, since he was a
      minority himself, and his writings were exactly the opposite of what was
      But he hadn't laughed when a local ACLU lawyer recruited a local

      "civil rights organization" to charge him with illegal discrimination
      and "hostile reading environment" based upon "lack of diversity" in his
      politically charged writings. Although the courts had welcomed the
      suit--the U.S. Supreme Court had long before approved "hostile reading
      environment" lawsuits as "an exception under well-settled international
      law to our First Amendment rights, which must be said to be flexible and
      evolving in response to trans-national realities that this Court must
      take into consideration."
      The campaign hadn't gotten far, but it wasn't intended to. The
      lawsuit had been designed to silence the increasingly popular Richard
      Thomas, "the cab-driver philosopher" as he was becoming known.
      Threatening writers with years of courtroom litigation and millions of
      dollars in legal fees had become a common tactic designed to silence
      those who asked questions embarrassing questions or disclosed facts
      embarrassing to any level of government.
      The threat had failed miserably when an unnamed benefactor group

      out of New Hampshire--the Free State wackos were at it again, commented
      the media--had donated large amounts of money to fund Thomas's legal
      defense. In addition, the situation had actually become comical when the
      New Hampshire ACLU--notorious for their willingness to go anywhere, for
      any amount of time, to defend First Amendment freedoms---had dispatched
      of team of lawyers to Miami, where they had set up a virtual law firm
      in one of the downtown hotels...a law firm devoted exclusively to a
      single lawsuit, that of "People for Reading Diversity, Inc., plaintiff,
      versus Richard Thomas, defendant." The result was that a team of
      constitutional lawyers out of the New Hampshire ACLU were squared off
      against a group of ACLU lawyers in Miami. It had become a circus, and
      Richard Thomas, the black cab-driver philosopher, had become more
      popular than ever.
      Frank Bennett grinned at his friend. "To hell with that stuff.
      You're staying right here in the U.S. of A., where you can save my ass
      when I get in binds like tonight."
      Thomas laughed. "My pleasure. I'll see you at the dojo if you
      don't get in touch before."
      "You'll hear from me," Bennett said as he stepped out of the
      taxi. He reached across the front seat of the cab and they shook hands.
      Bennett stood for a moment, watching as Thomas pulled out and drove down
      the silent street. He turned to Linda, who had come up behind him, and
      hugged her fiercely.
      "What's going on?" she asked, looking him over, worry tinging
      her voice.
      He exhaled into her hair as he held her. "What a night, he
      whispered. He paused, holding his wife, and looked off absently into the
      darkness. "But I think I may have come across one helluva breakthrough
      tonight in the lab. I think it opens up...possibilities...."
      His wife looked quizzically at him, but did not speak. She knew
      his mind was miles away, back in his laboratory. They walked together
      into the apartment, the silence of the dilapidated neighborhood
      surrounding them.
      /*(to be continued)*/
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