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Free New College Publication

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  • Robert
    Please forward this message to any libertarian college students you have contact with. I have some very good news. I have found an advertiser/publisher who is
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2004
      Please forward this message to any libertarian college students you
      have contact with.

      I have some very good news. I have found an advertiser/publisher
      who is interested in creating a free bi-monthly college newspaper.

      This newspaper is non-partisan, but certainly from a libertarian
      view. Our goal is to promote individual liberty and personal
      responsibility from a "cool" perspective. (Think Cosmopolitan and
      Maxim magazines). We want to break down the nerdy stereotypes and
      appeal to people who don't normally pay attention to politics.

      We are working together to provide libertarian college students with
      opportunity to have their own newspaper. There will be an outer
      National section with an inside Local section. Professional writers
      will provide most of the National content. The Local content will
      vary from school to school and region to region and will hopefully
      be written by libertarian college students.

      I need your help in contacting local student groups. My publishing
      partner already has other publications in Pennsylvania, Ohio,
      Indiana, Connecticut, and Kentucky. We will consider other
      states if the campus groups are strong enough, but preference is
      given to these
      states. Below I have pasted a list of what we are offering and what
      we expect.

      Here's what we offer:

      1. Free space for students to write about themselves, their
      opinions, group activities, a calendar of events, etc.

      2. Advertising space students can sell to raise money for their
      group or increase their number of pages.

      3. We will send individually addressed copies to everyone on their

      4. We will edit and offer help in creating an attractive publication.

      Here's what we want from the students:

      1. We want you to form a separate student group to handle only this
      project with at least a chair, secretary , and treasurer. This
      group will be in charge of approving material for publication, be
      our company's local contact, and getting advertisers if you choose
      to do so. (Since we are legally liable, we'll have final editorial
      authority, but we want this to be your publication as well as ours)

      2. We want you to help us gather a listing of all on-campus
      addresses to both students and faculty offices where we will send
      our publication.

      3. Most colleges will distribute mail inside campus for free. Is
      this the case on your campus, and what is their policy?

      4. Begin this process as soon as possible. We want our first issue
      to go out before the end of fall semester, and continue bi-monthly
      during the academic year.

      5. In your local section, you should include things of interest to
      all students such as: a campus calendar, football schedule,
      important announcements. We want students to open it and find it
      useful. We want your group to write about activities you are
      sponsoring. Create a buzz. Get people interested in personal
      freedom who may be turned off by the word "libertarian" by doing fun
      things. We won't publish long essays on the marvels of Ayn Rand.
      We want to excite people. Write reviews of movies, tv, music,
      sports, etc from your perspective.

      I hope this gives you a good idea of what we're looking for, local
      partners in a national venture. We will reach at least a million
      copies in our first edition. Of course, we need to work on how many
      will actually be included in your local edition which depends on
      your campus and what schools are nearby. If your campus is
      relatively small, we would like you to partner up with nearby
      colleges and work together.

      I ask you to please forward this message to any campus contacts you
      have as many of the National links are out of date. Thank you.

      In Liberty,
      Robert Butler
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