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RE: [FSP_DFW] Sales of ammo up?

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    http://www.defense-aerospace.com/cgi-bin/client/modele.pl?prod=21470&session=dae.3980238.1086716607.QMX6v8Oa9dUAABSjen8&modele=jdc_1 It would appear they sell
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 8, 2004
      It would appear they sell .223 and got a rather large contract with columbia. Also I read that there is a supply issue for Iraq as we are using a lot of rounds there. Increased armed governement security forces all need ammo. ALthough citizens are arming themselves more since 9/11, I think in this companies case, thier growth is due to government contracts.
      google is your friend.

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      Subject: [FSP_DFW] Sales of ammo up?
      From: "Joey Dauben" <joeydauben@...>
      Date: Tue, June 08, 2004 6:57 am
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      My newspaper editor gave me a report (via fax) that showed a 255-percent
      increase in the sales of ammunition (from February) from American Ammunition

      Is this a company that's well known or anything? He (editor) said the
      militias are starting to regroup and "stockpile," which I kind of jokingly
      said, "You mean take an inventory?"

      Anyway, it'd be a good story I think, especially since Ellis County (south
      of Dallas) is what some has referred to as "milita-friendly." (I think,
      personally, that it's because of the newspaper; we're ultra-conservative and

      If anyone would like to comment, as far as representing an actual "militia"
      or gun store or something like that, please do.

      The article won't be to "slam" anyone at all. Check me out if you're not

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