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  • Keith Murphy
    Dear Friend of the NHLA, The point of this message is simple: If you haven t yet sent in your payment for the June 25th Liberty Dinner, to be held concurrently
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2004
      Dear Friend of the NHLA,

      The point of this message is simple:

      If you haven't yet sent in your payment for the June 25th Liberty
      Dinner, to be held concurrently with the Porcupine Festival, then do it
      now or risk missing the single most important event of the campaign

      I know, you keep thinking that you'll do it later, that you've got
      plenty of time before June 25th. We would love to have you there, both
      big-L and small-l libertarians, the members of the Free State Project
      and the LPNH and the Gun Owners of New Hampshire and all the other
      groups that obviously support the cause of individual liberty in New
      Hampshire. But the facility only holds so many people, and by the end
      of this week two thousand (yes, TWO THOUSAND) of the granite state's
      most dedicated pro-liberty campaign contributors will receive
      professionally printed invitations asking for their support. With the
      lineup we're offering at this event, including Governor Benson and Dr.
      Jason Sorens, as well as dozens of elected officials from across the
      state, the remaining seats will likely be gone well before the first
      campfire is lit in Lancaster in June. I'm attaching the text of the
      invitation below, to illustrate how important your support of the NHLA
      is and how little time you have left before all spaces are taken.

      Supporting the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, either by simply
      contributing funds for pro-freedom candidates or by attending the
      Liberty Dinner, is the single most effective thing you can do to turn
      back the tide of socialism in the free state. Your contributions will
      be used directly to support candidates who demonstrate a commitment to
      small-government principles, and defeat those who encourage less
      responsibility and liberty. For FSP members, a successful NHLA means a
      successful conclusion to the project, as it provides a swift answer to
      the most common objection: "It just won't work."

      To reserve your seats online now, or to download a form for mailing, go
      to www.nhliberty.org/libertydinner.htm. If you don't, you may find
      yourself all dressed up on June 25th with no place to go.

      Thank you for your generous support.

      Keith Murphy, Advisor
      New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

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      > May 25, 2004
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      > Dear Name,
      > Every year, in the town halls of New Hampshire and the chambers of
      > Concord, legislation is considered that, if it becomes law, will
      > dictate how you live your life. This legislation may make it harder
      > for your business to make a profit, or take away your right to defend
      > your family and property. It may raise your tax burden and take away
      > your hard-earned money. It may create bureaucracy, and erode personal
      > responsibility. And while there are plenty of lobbyists working to
      > pass legislation benefiting their clients, there is no one to remind
      > your elected officials that government should preserve liberty instead
      > of taking it away.
      > There is now. Last November a group of concerned citizens formed the
      > non-profit, non-partisan New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, an
      > organization dedicated to advancing the cause of individual liberty
      > throughout the state. We do this by supplying desperately needed funds
      > and volunteers to pro-liberty candidates and offering speakers to
      > community and business groups. Starting this fall we’ll also be
      > providing scholarships to students moving from public to private
      > schools, expanding educational opportunity while saving valuable
      > property tax dollars.
      > To accomplish this vital mission we need your support. Please join the
      > Board of Directors of the NHLA and Governor Craig Benson at the First
      > Annual Liberty Dinner at 6 PM on Friday, June 25th, 2004 at Plymouth
      > State University. Besides the keynote address by Governor Benson, the
      > dinner will feature remarks by Dr. Jason Sorens of the Free State
      > Project, as well as the release of the 2004 Liberty Rankings and the
      > presentation of the Legislator of the Year Award. Tickets are only
      > $50, and all proceeds will be distributed to pro-liberty candidates.
      > I have enclosed two tickets for the dinner. To reserve your seats at
      > the premiere political event of the summer, simply return your ticket
      > stubs with your check in the enclosed self-addressed envelope.
      > Additional tickets may be purchased online at
      > www.nhliberty.org/libertydinner.htm. For more information regarding
      > the dinner or the NHLA, please see our website or call 603-358-5079.
      > Thank you very much for your support of a future free New Hampshire.
      > Sincerely,
      > James Maynard, Chairman
      > New Hampshire Liberty Alliance
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