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RE: [FSP_DFW] Re: Military Draft - it's official

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  • Holland Vandennieuwenhof
    Actually the draft would be a good thing as it would unleash massive protest and disobedience to the State as it did during the sixties. Most of the anti war
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 21, 2004
      Actually the draft would be a good thing as it would unleash massive protest and disobedience to the State as it did during the sixties.  Most of the anti war protests were generated by opposition to the draft.  The protestors had a personal interest in the ending of the war. 
      The draft, while of course wrong in principle, might just make people take an interest in what their "government" is doing with their tax money.  Massive civil disobedience to the draft would lead to other reforms in the State, hopefully.
      And while I oppose the war, the fact that the State is discrediting itself every week as new revelations of Bush warmongering come to the surface and the fact that it is now absurdly obvious that the Iraqis do not want us there- these things cannot but make me smile at the State's misfortune.

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      there's a link on drudgereport if this one gets torn up.


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      I couldn't find that document that you linked to.  The government
      selective service website http://www.sss.gov/ says otherwise.  Can
      you point me to some other source for this news?


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      > It is with a heavy heart that I report to you this news.

      >  I encourage every one  you to call your media contacts and your
      > friends.
      >  We might still be able to stop the draft. 

      >  This my press release.  I urge everyone on this list to spread
      this information
      > as fast and as far as you can.

      >  Press Release
      >  For Immediate Distribution
      >  Contact Information:
      >  Robert Butler, Executive Director
      >  700 Morse Rd. Suite 208
      >  Columbus, Ohio 43214-1879
      >  (614) 547-0290
      >  hq@l...

      > Libertarians React to News of Coming Draft

      > US Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Neb) reported today that the
      > military situation in Iraq may force the U.S. to reintroduce the
      military draft.

      > "Why shouldn't we ask all our citizens bear some responsibility and
      pay some
      > price?" Hagel said, arguing that restoring compulsory military
      service would
      > "force our citizens to understand the intensity and depth of the
      challeges we
      > face."

      >  Libertarians from around Ohio reacted with shock, disbelief, and

      > "We will not tolerate the use of force to obligate our young people
      to fight in a
      > war they do not agree with," stated LPO Executive Director, Robert
      > "How a President like George W. Bush can start a draft, when he
      himself has 
      > a questionable military record is beyond belief."

      > Jason Hallmark, Chair of The Libertarian Party of Ohio has called
      for an
      > emergency meeting to discuss the party's options to fight the
      draft. "This just
      > proves the folly of the Bush administration's actions. They made
      mistakes, and
      > now we'll be paying the price. We will organize an effective
      >  movement to this call for a military draft."

      >  Link to the story:

      > us_iraq_military_draft_040420163408

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