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Re: [FSP_DFW] New file uploaded to FSP_DFW

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  • James OConnor
    I see suspicious minds. This is not a scam. It is for real. This is about seeking the truth and learning how to use the law as it is currently written to
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2004
      I see suspicious minds.
      This is not a scam.  It is for real.  This is about seeking the truth and learning how to use the law as it is currently written to claim the rights you already have.  You seek freedom.  Well, you already have it!  Now learn to use it.
      I would like to invite everyone is this forum to join a conference call to learn about the Reliance Defense program held every Thursday night at 7pm central time.  The call lasts 55 minutes.  In order to get an invitation, please send me a request to join the call.  I will reply with call in details.
      Still suspicious?  Test me.  Join the call and learn how to defend your beliefs.  I look forward to visiting with you then.

      "Robert M. Pritchett" <EGroups@...> wrote:
      Is this spam, a scam, or for real, or what? I've heard of foundations being
      abused, who knows. Heck, I know how to effectively opt out of Socialist
      inSecurity but I don't go around advertising it or giving seminars on it.

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      We are not lawyers/accountants and are not giving legal/tax advice.

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        File        : /Victory.jpg
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        Description : Victory without moving!

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