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My school board campaign?

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  • Joey Dauben
    There are two positions up for re-election in May on the Midlothian ISD school board; one seat is held by a very powerful Establishment figure: owns a mortgage
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2003
      There are two positions up for re-election in May on the Midlothian ISD
      school board; one seat is held by a very powerful Establishment figure: owns
      a mortgage company, has a son playing football at SMU, is the one behind the
      recruitment of the other "football-lobby" board members (he recruited four
      of his friends to be on the school board; they now have a majority), and
      when I go to research more, he might have been the one to vote for all tax
      rates to be the same (I think the rate has stayed the same for three/four

      Now, because I was appointed to the School board's Education Improvement
      Committee for a two-year term, I had thought twice about running.

      But, because of the "war" between the pro/con of the bond election in
      February, I think it would be good for us to take advantage of it -- if the
      propositions fail, which I predict they will, then that will give me
      something like I had last time: momentum; in March of last year, just two
      months before the $100 million bond election that was upended 2-to-1, I came
      19 votes from winning a seat.

      That's good stuff :)

      And, if I am going to run again, I do not want to use any of my personal
      money for the race; I say this because I spent about $500-600 of my own last
      year; not complaining, but if losing by 19 votes a year ago would give me a
      shot at it again this time around, then ...I should be raking in the
      confidence contributions.

      Since I have about 100+ signs left, I won't need money for those; yard sign
      stakes, however, aren't too expensive, but the thing that will win this time
      is to ADVERTISE in the newspaper; I did zero newspaper advertising last
      year, but did have the front page in many stories.

      That will be the focus of the campaign: newspaper ads.

      I would like to run an ad in both Midlothian papers the entire month of
      April; that is my goal. If the funds aren't pouring in, then the Midlothian
      Today would be the only sure-fire paper to go to.

      In fact, Today is the only paper I really want to advertise in, but eh ...

      Okay, well, I'm not sure off the top of my head how much an ad each Thursday
      in the month of April would be, but I'll check; I have the ad lady's
      personal home/work phone number (I know her daughter)...and, my publisher is
      still real cool about giving me a discount, so for 1,000-2,000 full color
      brochures would be $160 -- down from about $250.

      There is already interest from several LP/RLC students to help me with the
      campaign, PLUS my girlfriend ...so we have the grassroots thing down

      If I can secure the needed funds, support, and volunteer help, I will run
      against the big Establishment guy. I like the guy, I have nothing personal
      against him at all.

      But it would be a HUGE high-profile race -- like the Establishment vs. Good


      Provide some feedback to me here, and let's keep this going; you guy are my
      campaign consultants.

      Joey Dauben
      The Ellis County Press
      213 W. 6th St.
      Ferris, TX 75125

      Work: 972-544-2369
      Fax: 972-544-8150

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