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Fw: [NH Live Free Or Die] Thank you, and an invitation

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    ... From: Rich Tomasso To: nhlivefreeordie@yahoogroups.com Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2003 12:03 PM Subject: [NH Live Free Or Die] Thank you, and an
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      Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2003 12:03 PM
      Subject: [NH Live Free Or Die] Thank you, and an invitation

      Thank you to everyone who voted in the FSP state selection. And a second
      one to those who voted NH #1 :)

      The media have been all over this story, we've been swamped with calls and
      interviews, and requests for more interviews.

      If anyone wants to come to NH who hasn't seen our beautiful state yet, or
      who would like a second look, the LPNH would like to invite all of the
      Porcupines to our state convention, this November 1st.

      As a special incentive, we've extended the early-bird pricing for the
      Procupines to Oct 6th (this monday).

      Featured at the convention will be Governor Craig Benson, who signed on as
      a Friend to the FSP and whom some of you met at Escape. Also speaking will
      be longtime libertarian activist Richard Boddie, a fantastic speaker, who
      is thrilled to hear of our success and looks forward to the future of the
      Free State.

      For the LPers, both Michael Badnarik and Gary Nolan (who are also FSP
      members) will be there to ask for your support and answer questions. We may
      even get a little debate going, if scheduling permits.

      Jason Sorens has said he'll be there, so it's a chance to meet the man who
      started this all!

      Plus much more!

      You can register online at

      Or download the registration form from this yahoogroup's Files area.

      The convention will be held at the airport hotel, for easy access to folks
      traveling from out of state. We may also be organizing an informal
      get-together on Friday night, details TBA.

      Hope to see you all there as we start the work for liberty in our lifetime.

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