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RE: [FSP_DFW] you there, bud?

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  • Bruce Morgan
    Got to Concord yesterday. Haven t done anything or met anyone, but we re enjoying it immensely. I m not sure I m going to get Devera to come home with us.
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2003
      Got to Concord yesterday. Haven't done anything or met anyone,
      but we're enjoying it immensely. I'm not sure I'm going to get
      Devera to come home with us. She's in love. Particularly fatal
      to the cause of us having a wife and mother was our stop at
      Makris, a restaurant that served the first genuine seafood she has

      Even with the rain falling yesterday, this is a beautiful state.
      We're heading out for breakfast and a jaunt over to the seacoast.
      Hopefully, we'll be getting in touch with some locals soon. So
      far, everyone we've done business with has met or exceeded our
      service expectations. Each time I've mentioned our intent to
      relocate and that NH is a possibility, the locals' interest kicks
      up a notch. Once again, Southern hospitality as the standard is
      being called into question.

      Further updates to come.


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      Tell us about NH... Are you there yet???????

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