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Reminder: DFW Porcupine Meeting

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  • Bruce W. Morgan, Jr.
    Y all, As Aaron said, now is the time. The voting starts when the ballots sent out on July 15 start arriving. Get on over to Razzoo s Cajun Cafe for some
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 20, 2003
      As Aaron said, now is the time.  The voting starts when the ballots sent out on July 15 start arriving.  Get on over to Razzoo's Cajun Cafe for some good eats, drinks, and Porcupines.  Sorry we won't be able to attend, but that clean New Hampshire air is calling.
      Razzoo's has an indoor patio area reserved for y'all from 3pm until 7pm (don't feel obligated to stay that long, we just needed to accomodate folks who couldn't make it until later in the day.)
      The restaurant is at N. MacArthur and 635 in Irving, just on the south side of Valley Ranch.  The Cowboy's aren't at training camp right now so the neighborhood should be safe.  Bring your concealed weapons just in case, though.
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      Subject: [FSP_DFW] pass this along to anyone who is sitting the fence!

      Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 10:58:04 -0400
         From: Keith Murphy <keithrmurphy@...>
      Subject: Vote Date and Membership Deadline announced...

      If you're on the fence, now's the time to sign up!

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      Due to recent rapid membership growth, the Board decided to set vote
      now and finalize the rest of the ballot process later.  We plan to send
      out ballots to existing members on July 15.  The deadline to sign up to
      participate in the vote will be August 15 (if we haven't reached 5000
      then, the date will be postponed, but it looks as if we will easily
      5000 by then).  The deadline to return ballots to the vote counting
      company will be September 8, then the ballots will go online, with
      # listed, so that each voter can check his ballot and make sure it was
      counted correctly.  On September 15 the results will be officially

      Here are some other salient features of the ballot report being

      * Ballots will be paper, they can be returned by mail or by e-mail as
      scanned attachments (if the voting company allows this)

      * A single double-sided sheet will be allocated to each state to make
      case, these will be included in the ballot mailing - start putting
      together your reports NOW (use the state email lists)

      * We will use an independent vote counting company (we've asked
      election.com to do it, but haven't gotten a quote yet)

      The reason we haven't been able to approve the report is that there's
      still discussion over whether to require either notarization, a
      with name & address, or a phone number.  I think that tripartite system
      should work pretty well, provided not too many people opt for the phone


      Jason P Sorens - jason.sorensATyale.edu -

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