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107RE: [FSMfiles] What kind stuff?

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  • Bert Greeley
    May 10, 2006
      Welcome Jose Luis -

      I'am new in this group, i love FSM structures, but in Brazil this kits are very
      hard to find.
      I have a question; what kind of stuff are used in wood structure like in the
      photo's Jim (attached) to represent horizontal board by board? Could to be
      - - -
      First, you might want to join our main group, Fine Scale Miniatures
      (finescaleminiatures@yahoogroups.com). this group is primarilly for overflow
      pictures for that group.
      I doubt many would use paper - most of us would simply use scale lumber laid
      board-by-board. I don't know if they have any board-by-board, but you might want
      to look at Paper Creek (www.papercreek.com). They have some incredibly good
      printed paper. I have a couple of buildings that use their shingles, and at
      shows almost everyone has to touch the roof to be convinced it's just printed
      There's a lot of _really_ talented modelers here. You'll enjoy the group.
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