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RE: [FS32NGModelrail] Fw: [South_Of_The_Border] BLW 1900 NG catalog online

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  • Vince Bradley
    Interesting information thanks for posting. I noticed that my wife s grandfather is listed. He was active in Baldwin all his working career. His name was
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      Interesting information thanks for posting.  I noticed that my wife’s grandfather is listed.  He was active in Baldwin all his working career.  His name was William P. Henszey.

      Take care,

      Vincent, Cincinnati


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      This should be of general interest to narrow gauge enthusiasts.
      Feel free to repost to other groups, AFTER checking that no one else
      has already done so.

      John Stutz

      "BLW Illustrated Catalogue of Narrow-Gauge Locomotives, 1900", 451pp.
      at http://www.009.cd2.com/baldwin.pdf

      This is primarily for 3'6" and meter (42" & 39.37") gauge export
      locomotives, since that is where Baldwin's primary narrow gauge
      locomotive market was after circa 1885.

      1- 89 - Standard BLW history up to 1868(p 1-64), but emphasizes NG
      work thereafter, when compared to the much later version included in
      Westing's "The Locomotives that Baldwin Built".
      90-106 - Introduction to catalogue and specifications.
      107 - Class designations.
      109-145 - Catalog of typical types and sizes offered, none of which
      were necessarily ever built.
      146-203 - The "Vauclain" System of Compound Locomotives.
      203 - Locomotive Details.
      204-236 - Instructions for cabling orders.
      237-251 - Types of Locomotives, with simple arrangement diagrams
      illustrating the wheel arrangement codes.
      252-417 - Illustrated Plates of locomotive details, with names and
      cable code words.
      418-427 - Specification Cable Codes.
      428-551 - Index.

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