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Bagnall Tank in all her finery!

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  • Mike South
    Herewith two photos by Ian Rathbone of W.G. Bagnall of Stafford, England, 0-4-0 IST* No. 284 of 1880 Mercidita  , in model form named TESSA (after my
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      Herewith two photos by Ian Rathbone of W.G. Bagnall of Stafford, England, 0-4-0 IST*   No. 284 of 1880 'Mercidita' , in model form named TESSA (after my brilliant if somewhat erratic daughter :-) )

      The 2ft. 2ins. gauge prototype was exported via agents Manlove, Alliott & Co. of Nottingham, England, (manufacturers of sugar milling machinery) to a sugar plantation in Porto Rico [today's U.S.A. 'semi-State' of Puerto Rico]. Mercedita is a small town near Ponce, on the southern coast.

      The model is to 1/32 Scale running on 19.05 mm (= 3/4" = American 'On3') gauge track; with tyres to N.M.R.A. RP25 / 110 (= 0.110") profile.

      Additional published information may be found in....
      'Industrial Railway Record' No. 100 / February 1985, page 227. Engraving and historical notes.
      'Industrial Railway Record' No. 111 / December 1987, page 196. Historical notes.
      'Narrow Gauge, The' (N.G.R.S.) No. 77 / Winter 1977/78, page 27. Article by Roy Link on building a 16mm/1ft. scale model of this very same locomotive.

      This is a truly polyglot International model and one that took, start-to-finish, more than two decades to complete!

      - The chassis and above-footplate was part- Scratch Built by Roy Link (then) of East Harling, Norfolk, England, in the 1980's.  Roy also drew up an excellent 'working' plan and elevation scale drawing (which - hopefully - he might publish one day in his excellent 'Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling REVIEW' quarterly magazine.. )..

      - The chimney and dome were Scratch Built by Terry Van Winkle** of Coos Cob, Connecticut, USA., in the mid 1990's.

      - The above-footplate locomotive was finished with final assembly being undertaken by Paul Berntsen of Hastings, New Zealand, in August 2000.

      - The model was painted in L.B.S.C.R.*** Stroudley "improved locomotive green" (= 'gamboge' or 'sort-of yellow' - the old gent was quite possibly colour blind!)  livery by Ian Rathbone of Barnt Green, Worcestershire, England, in February 2007

      Mike South
      Calgary, Alberta, Canada
      (minus 20 degrees Centigrade outside, overcast and snowing hard today - but then I gather things are quite exciting in parts of Europe right now, weather-wise :-) )

      * 'inverted saddle tank'

      ** sometime partner with Peter Smith (now of Slaters) in Bridge Models, makers of the excellent 1/32 Ruston & Hornsby 4wD and 'Rugga' wagon kits, now taken over by Slaters, see...

      ** London, Brighton & South Coast Railway, see...

      As a teenager I often fired on L.B.S.C.R. Class A1X 0-6-0T 'Stepney' on the Bluebell Railway in Sussex, England ('Stepney' - of course - being both painted in Mr. Stroudley's "improved locomotive green" as well as being the hero of several 'Thomas The Tank Engine' stories), see...
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