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Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Pallets around the world

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  • william cole
    Hey Frank, one thing about pallets that go out of or into certian countries is the HT stamp burned into the wood runner or upright.. Heat Treated skids
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 12, 2005
      Hey Frank,
      one thing about pallets that go out of or into certian
      countries is the "HT" stamp burned into the wood
      runner or upright.."Heat Treated" skids allow for
      freight to move across borders wiithout the nice
      little bugs that love to live in non-heat treated
      wood....remarks are burned into the wood, with a
      figure that looks something like a pine tree (straight
      verticle line with angled lines going away and
      downward, with "H.T." near the symbol...I've got some
      DB short skids here from Europe (Portugal company
      German owned)... US uses 42" X 48" for the most
      part....48" x 48" is maximum before extra charges are
      incurred by the trucking companies....
      Best of luck, sounds interesting, I've been a shipper
      all my life, and have learned much from doing...lots
      of info that one just "knows" after 25 years or
      Ridley Park, PA

      --- Frank Savery <fatcontroller2@...>

      > Hi Guys,
      > I wonder If I could ask any members in Europe, Asia,
      > New Zealand or Japan a favour?
      > I've got very interested in the history of fork lift
      > trucks and pallets and am thinking of maybe putting
      > together a presentation for the 2006 Australian NG
      > Convention on their history (which is surprisingly
      > long ~ c.1920's)and modelling them correctly.
      > I wonder If I could ask you to take a few photos of
      > typical Pallets in your respective countries and
      > send them to me with measurements ~ surprisingly (or
      > maybe not) in this age of standardised ISO
      > containers there is virtually NO standardisation of
      > pallet sizes, a subject causing the United Nations
      > to have sleepless nights.
      > Any help much appreciated,
      > Ta Muchly
      > Frank Savery,
      > Secretary, S.E.Qld. Branch,
      > Lt. Ry. Research Society of Australia> No virus
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