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  • henrix
    Hi Les, thanks for your kind words about my english. Hope I myself has something to do with it, but mostly it is due to scandinavian tv-channels who do not
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 27, 2004
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      Hi Les, thanks for your kind words about my english. Hope I myself has
      something to do with it, but mostly it is due to scandinavian tv-channels
      who do not change original languages in movies and alike, they are only
      displaying translated text at the bottom of the screen. By doing so, we are
      all used to hear it and read the translation in our own language at the same
      time. This is a great advantage compared to for instance france or germany,
      who translate all spoken words to there own language. Easy for all ages, but
      at the same time they do not get the daily training on hearing it spoken as
      we do.

      Thanks for the tip on how to apply AC glue, I have to try this! Working in
      card really is a bit forgotten skill.


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      From: "Les Coleman" <les.coleman@...>
      To: <FS32NGModelrail@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 5:54 PM
      Subject: Re: Sv: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: not more skips...

      I think shellac may be the same as French Polish, which you can also get
      uncoloured as "white polish". Certainly smells meths-based.

      Henrik, I usually use fairly thin cyanoacrylate and apply it to the
      unpainted card direct from the nozzle of the container. The card acts as a
      "wick" and soaks it up rapidly, which also cuts down on the fumes. It sets
      very quickly. The smoothness of the card surface is usually unchanged if you
      use thin superglue. If it's a bit bumpy you can sand it smooth.

      By the way, I must congratulate you, especially, and it seems most
      Scandinavians on your incredibly good command of English. How on earth do
      you do it? I wish I could master a foreign language so well...


      >>> bce@... 27/10/04 14:14:07 >>>
      Once upon a time when card was about all that was around to use, it was
      soaked in shellac (flakes mixed with meths). Paint it on both sides and the
      model lasted for years.
      Are shellac flakes still on the market?


      on 27/10/04 10:24 PM, henrix@... at henrix@... wrote:

      > Les,
      > I guess you are using the long time hardening ACC type, but how do you
      > it? With a brush or..? Don't you get a strange surface doing like this? Or
      > maybe it's perfect for a used-looking vehicle.., sounds interesting.
      > Even the smallest dot smells awful, how do you handle the fumes ? (can
      > understand kids who inhale stuff like this for fun)
      > /Henrik
      >> Från: "Les Coleman" <les.coleman@...>
      >> Datum: 2004/10/27 Wed AM 10:18:18 CEST
      >> Till: <FS32NGModelrail@yahoogroups.com>
      >> Ämne: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: not more skips...
      >> Henrik,
      >> It'll be interesting to hear what Chris uses. I soak the card in
      >> "superglue" (?ACC/ cyanoacrylate adhesive) after building. Sets
      >> rock-hard.
      >> Les.

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