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Sv: SV: [FS32NGModelrail] A Summer's Progress

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  • henrix@tele2.se
    Hi Claus, sorry about the site (or the not existing one..) but it s ok The black beetle motor bogie moves VERY smoothly, but tenshodo is maybe somewhat better
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2004
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      Henrik, Les, All
      Thanks for the nice words. Les: I would very much like to see your models in 1/35 and I'm sure the rest of the population in the two groups would as well. It's easy to tell we are in a scale where most stuff has to be scratchbuilt - not too many finished models showing up. And yes: The wooden dump car is built on the basis of the Grandt Line kit. You can read my small article on the rebuilding here: http://www.ozbob.net/1in35ng/ simply choose articles.
      Henrik: I don't have a website - the screenshots you could recognize on the photos from Schkeuditz were part of a powerpoint slideshow I made while on hollyday in Spain. It made my contribution to the exhibition a bit more interactive as my module didn't provide much operational interest. As I didn't compress the photofiles the slideshow is a huge file and probably not fit for upload or mailing unless you have a very highspeed connection and a large mailbox. Unfortunately my knowledge on computers is somewhat limited - especially when it comes to photos. I saw your most informative website, very nice and your little cabin looks good as well! The Black Beetle motorbogie - does it run good? Better than Tenshodos? What is the wheel diameter?
      Today I have added a few photos of the finished French Pechot-wagon. Too bad the kits are so hard to get. Mine came all the way from the US (well traveled kits indeed!) thanks to Bill, US and Gerrit, Belgium.

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