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Re: SV: [FS32NGModelrail] A Summer's Progress

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  • Les Coleman
    Sorry to get on my hobby-horse but Clauses pictures have reminded me just what can be achieved in this scale and recently there seems to have been a major
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 4, 2004
      Sorry to get on my hobby-horse but Clauses pictures have reminded me
      just what can be achieved in this scale and recently there seems to have
      been a major shift in interest away from 1:32/1:35 scales to 1:24 scale,
      i.e. GN15, HN18 etc. etc.

      Indeed, I have been guilty of this over the past 2 years myself but I
      have retained my interest in 1:35 principally because I can model larger
      prototypes as well as the "cuter" stock in the larger scale/smaller
      gauges and still get real character in figures and lots of detail.

      Also I can tell myself that 1:35 on 16.5mm track approximates to
      2ft/600mm, which gives me a huge amount of prototype material to choose
      from. Each scale has its place, and this hobby is all about fun,
      relaxation and creativity at the end of the day so I mustn't get too
      wound up and serious about it, but have any others noticed this trend?

      A case in point is the relatively low level of posting on the FS32NG
      group compared with the large amount of activity on the GN15 etc.
      groups. It would be nice to see a 1:32 scale revival, which started so
      well a few years ago with Messrs Bantock and Lantz producing whitemetal
      kits and layouts like Portpyn and several beautifully crafted European
      layouts and dioramas inspiring everybody. Has everyone migrated


      >>> clni@... 04/08/04 09:09:58 >>>
      Henrik, Les, All
      Thanks for the nice words. Les: I would very much like to see your
      models in 1/35 and I'm sure the rest of the population in the two groups
      would as well. It's easy to tell we are in a scale where most stuff has
      to be scratchbuilt - not too many finished models showing up. And yes:
      The wooden dump car is built on the basis of the Grandt Line kit. You
      can read my small article on the rebuilding here:
      <http://www.ozbob.net/1in35ng/> http://www.ozbob.net/1in35ng/ simply
      choose articles.

      Henrik: I don't have a website - the screenshots you could recognize on
      the photos from Schkeuditz were part of a powerpoint slideshow I made
      while on hollyday in Spain. It made my contribution to the exhibition a
      bit more interactive as my module didn't provide much operational
      interest. As I didn't compress the photofiles the slideshow is a huge
      file and probably not fit for upload or mailing unless you have a very
      highspeed connection and a large mailbox. Unfortunately my knowledge on
      computers is somewhat limited - especially when it comes to photos. I
      saw your most informative website, very nice and your little cabin looks
      good as well! The Black Beetle motorbogie - does it run good? Better
      than Tenshodos? What is the wheel diameter?

      Today I have added a few photos of the finished French Pechot-wagon.
      Too bad the kits are so hard to get. Mine came all the way from the US
      (well traveled kits indeed!) thanks to Bill, US and Gerrit, Belgium.


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