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  • Gerrit Van Roy
    Dear friends, it s been a while since you guys have heard from me but i did not abandon the scale or the hobby as you could see yesterday.Not much new to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2003
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      Dear friends, it's been a while since you guys have heard from me but i did not abandon the scale or the hobby as you could see yesterday.Not much new to report about the modules though ,i still need to make a background and a construction to hide some lighting in.The electrical wiring for the layout is done and a control panel has been build.I used only half of the space on this panel so i can always expand the layout in the future.The two "behind the background modules" will not be finnishd with scenery and buildings and  are meand as a fiddle yard .It has two side tracks and two "dead end tracks"on each side .This gives me a lot of possibilitys when operating the layout, trains can run from point A to B or can go "round and round" wich is also very handy to "run in " new rolling stock.The incline at the far right is perhaps a bit to high and the passage is certainly to narrow ,the toastracks rip off a piece of the folliage evertime they go by! I think i will have to rebuild this corner oneday and make an eassier passage.
      The OMZ 122 is indeed build on the Magic Train diesel chassis . Otto posted some drawings once and i have used these ,allong with pictures gatherd on this group and on the web.The superstruture is entirely in plasticcard and much of the datail is scrachtbuild ,the control panel, the box on the bonnet,the horn and the exhaust are taken from the MT model.The large windows are parts from that Russian truck kit from Zvezda/Italaeri.Modelling does not have to be very expensive ,if you are prepared to build a lot yourself. I also have decided to use ordinary "chopper " Fleisschmann couplings for all my rolling stock exept for v-skips and other small wagons .They function well and look even good after some wheathering.
      All the people on the toastracks are indeed from Preiser, they have a lot of figures in there 63000 range .Altough they are sold as 1/32 figures they appear smaller as there 1/35 counterparts from various military manufacturers.I find them very good and with very lifelike poses.They come ready -painted but can use a light wheatterring. The toastracks are build from a drawing in the Sarah Whright book on the "tramway touristique du tarn" .They are entirely build in brass (exept for the seats) and are my first "all metal and scratchbuild "models.I have look at and photografed a lot of these coaches since i started with this scale and much off what is used by touristical railways looks like this.I have build two of them but may build some others from a different design in the future, time will tell.
      Whats on the workbench these days? Well any touristical tramway must also have some closed passenger cars and thats what i am working on at the moment. In "Voie Libre" nr 11 Gilbert Gribi discribes how to build two cars from the RPI resin kit .This is ,sadely, in 1/43.5 but i am following his explenation to scratchbuild a similar car in 1/35, but on different bogies.Is that not what articles and magazines like this are trying to encourage?  
      Best regards
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