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Re: [FS32NGModelrail] the puzzle

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  • Mario Bernkopf
    Otto, From the frame, wheels and side rods I d guess the parent is a Deutz OMZ, and could the loco be towing barges along a French canal? Thanks for these
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2000
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      From the frame, wheels and side rods I'd guess the "parent" is a Deutz
      OMZ, and could the loco be towing barges along a French canal?

      Thanks for these puzzles, I'm always happy to learn something new about
      these little railroads.


      O&M Schouwstra & Van Barneveld schrieb:
      > Yes Charley it is in France. Terry that you as an American can recognize
      > the Gmeinder frame! And you are the only one who got the other answer
      > right. The 'grille' is made of an old garden fence and the windows are
      > old wrought iron factory windows. You can see that very clear when you
      > study the second window in the vieuw.the text of the puzzle. Mario
      > thankyou that you didn't reveal the secret, it is indeed the location of
      > the first film in my Four Industrial Railways on the 60 cm gauge video.
      > Happily Michel reacted , he did just what I wanted because I had
      > forgotten the Comessa name.
      > The foto was taken in 1978 when I was there to film this little
      > industrial. The company has the name Henselmann et Fils. It is near a
      > little village with the name Moulins, not far from Sarrebourg. Bernard
      > Junk is living not far away from this place and wrote an article in Voie
      > Etroite. His beatifull photo's are on the Appeva site. I will add two
      > photos that can complete these pictures.
      > Gmeinder of Germany is the designer of the model if this locoframe.
      > Gmeinder licensed other manufacturers, for instance Ducroo & Brauns in
      > Holland. So to see Comessa was also a licensee. Gmeinder supplied the
      > gearbox, often diesels from the country of the licensee were used.
      > The two new photos are taken on the same day in fall 1987.
      > The questions are:
      > 1. Who must be, looking at the frame, the designer of this loco?
      > 2. Two minutes after these photos were taken the loco was hooked to a
      > load. Who knows what load that was?
      > I myself would be glad to know a bit more about this machine.
      > Have fun!
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