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Re: [FS32NGModelrail] New Guy Here

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  • Douglas Anderson
    Welcome! ... -- Yours Sincerely *Douglas Anderson*
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 24, 2013

      On 22 April 2013 15:17, David <ohio_narrow_minded@...> wrote:


      just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I have manly been interested in On30 for the most part until i saw a couple 1/35 layouts here in the US. I dont know a whole lot about 1/35 scale other than the pictures i've seen online!

      I have no idea where to begin, all i know is i love the look i have seen with people taking the On30 bachmann shays and bashing them with larger head lamps, cabs, etc....i really like that look. Almost a gilpin tram look.

      any and all guidance would be greatly appreciated. im still having a bit of trouble truly understanding the size/scale of the 35n2.

      again, just wanted to introduce myself!

      David Tenney
      Columbus, Ohio, US


      Yours Sincerely

      Douglas Anderson

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