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RE: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: [FS32NGJamesModelrail] New 1:32 Products Available now from James Coldicott

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  • james coldicott
    Hi Daniel, I m going to prioritize getting the track and data onto the website as there is a lot of information to share. I ve been developing the track system
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 19, 2013
      Hi Daniel,

      I'm going to prioritize getting the track and data onto the website as there is a lot of information to share. I've been developing the track system for two years now and spent a lot of time thinking it through and getting the skills together to make it work before that.

      The website will contain information on the prototype along with extensive instructions on my track system and track and wheel standards. To briefly answer your questions...

      Rail is code 82 from Karlgarin which has a nice narrow gauge profile with a wide foot and represents 20lb rail.

      Turnouts are in development now but will likely take the best part of this year to get right as I am working full time and have children and some health issues in the family. Left and Right turnoughts only at first fully made and ready to lay. 16.5 and 19.05mm gauge. ('20 inch' and 2 foot gauges respectively)

      Radii follow the Hudson prototype... Type 1 is 13'3" radius, Type 2 is 37'0" radius.

      Current prices are £12.50 per panel or £50.00 for five. I am aiming at a price of £30.00 to £40.00 for the turnouts. Of course if you plan a large layout you can use standard code 82/83 OO/HO/On3 track for your mainline and save the portable track for where it is most visible or would have been used prototypically.

      SHLR wagon is £13.00 for one or £36.00 for a three pack. If you click the tab under the photo on the website you can select which option you want and order through the website.

      Hope this helps.

      Feel free to spread the word wherever you choose and accept my thanks for doing so!

      Kind regards


      James ColdicottBucklands House, East Quantoxhead, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 1EH.www.james-art.com

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      Subject: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: [FS32NGJamesModelrail] New 1:32 Products Available now from James Coldicott


                What code is the rail you will be using for your track?
                What are de radiuss?
                What are the prices?
                Are you going to produce also switches for going with this track? And if you do: any idea of when will they be available?
            Thank you again.
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      Onderwerp: [FS32NGModelrail] New 1:32 Products Available now from James Coldicott
      Hello All,

      just catching up here and after a year long hiatus due to family health issues and work commitments I finally have some progress to report.

      My Hibberd Planet 10HP is available to preorder now. All the parts are in stock and I am just finalizing the instruction manual artwork which will be posted as a PDF on the website in due course. I have completely redesigned the chassis for this kit as described on the webpage...


      I also have a new water tank available with 3 support pillar types...


      Straight and Curved Type 1 and 2 Hudson track panels are in stock in both '20 inch' (16.5mm) and 2 foot (19.05mm) gauges and will be on the website as soon as I have finalized artwork on a track standards and instruction manual PDF for both gauges.

      All of my figures have also been re-molded and a new batch cast for those of you wanting civilians in 1:32. I'll post a quick pic of painted samples in my photo collection along with the other new items this afternoon.

      James Coldicott

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