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  • Stephen
    I think the main reason I like these narrow gauge trains so much is they remind me of the very narrow gauge riding trains I rode as a child in the 1940’s.
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      I think the main reason I like these narrow gauge trains so much is they remind me of the very narrow gauge riding trains I rode as a child in the 1940’s. They were at amusement parks and even in a Chicago department store one Christmas week. Naturally everything was scaled down to fit the gauge of the track but it was a great thrill for me to ride the train. I believe the one in the department store was only 15 inch gauge and I am sure it was battery operated since it was in the store itself. It was a great way to keep us rugrats occupied while mom could do her shopping.

      These full size 60cm gauge trains always bring back the feelings I had for the trains back then. I have liked trains ever since. Also, the fact that I could hear the mournful wail of the stream locomotive whistles in the middle of the night as the C&NW railroad trains passed by a few miles away also kept the love of trains burning.

      These real 60cm trains always leave me with the feeling that I am seeing just a large toy train.



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      Ahhh the old railcar, built on a chassis of a 1934 Chevrolet truck, this is quite a quirky little fellow, and not quite as rough as it appears in the photographs!, it has recently been restored to original condition and really purrs along, as far as a model goes,

      Watch this space! ;)





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      WOW...this one is a "has to build" object!!




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      These locos were nice! Haven't seen this type with a closed cab before.




      ps! You can go directly to http://www.westonlangford.com/search/?q=lune+river  to see the list you were looking for.





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      Sorry for the belated reply!
      unfortunately i have only been able to find a few web based images of the public viewing type,
      see: http://www.westonlangford.com/search/
      and search "lune river" without the quotation marks.

      i'm wanting to replicate the main terminus and engine shed of this very charachterful little railway, check it out! :)


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             What I was able to find in the net about the Ida Bay Railway shows just a tourist line but in the historical pages I read it was originally  carrying limestone from the quarries to the harbour. Pity the only photos I saw are all just of the actual turist line.

             Which of both have you in mind?


              For modelling the turist line you would be o.k. with just a diesel , an open coach and a closed one, a few modern buildings and landscape. For the limestone carrying line you would need a bit of historical information about the line operations, locos and rollingstock and some old buildings as well.


              What track do you intend to use?  If you want to get something done fast probably 16,5mm gauge would be the better choice. If you want something else you must start by looking for track and switches

      comercialy available. (Hand laying track and making your own switches would mean a lot more time.)


              You should also make some choices before you start designing the layout. For example: do you want the accent to be in the running trains, switching, landscape, or something else?


              Modelling the arbour would probably -I didn't see any image- mean a lot more work (= time.)


              A quarry would be faster but you would be forced to focuss a bit on switching.


              The tourist line seems the easiest way to go provided you model a modern scene. For that a lot of stuff as cars, trucks, etc, are easy available. So defining a period would make things easier for you.










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      Yes sorry Daniel, my main interests lie with mostly Australian 2ft Gauge. The Line i'm wanting to "prototype freelance"(ie: have the look of and feel of, and in ways copy" Is the Ida Bay Railway in Tasmania , which happens to be my home state (only about a 2hr drive from where i live). Without following the prototype exactly (or Locos/Rollingstock for that matter) more or less build something that could've been. Space is around 2.4mX0.8m, with the addition of a fold down staging to give generous curves, budget isn't a brass one, but pretty reasonable. With time being the major issue. Cheers, Nathan







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