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Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: 1/32 American narrow gauge layouts

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  • kim marsh
    hi jerry can you give anymore details on the wheels and the journals do you have anymore 1-32 stuff cheers kim ... From: jerry via FMW.com To:
    Message 1 of 69 , Jun 4, 2011
      hi jerry can you give anymore details on the wheels and the journals do you have anymore 1-32 stuff
      cheers kim
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      Subject: Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: 1/32 American narrow gauge layouts


      Stephen and Henrik,

      3/8n2 or 1:32 in two foot gauge is the same as On3.

      I much prefer to hand lay my track, so there is no compromise with the track. Just my opinion but its seems logical to me that a larger scale and most likely smaller layout, that hand laying the tack and scratch built buildings and rolling stock are a good idea. Some items of rolling stock are a good idea for manufacturing and my son and I are working on that end of things. Right now we are working on wheels and journal boxes for 1:32. Not meant to push what we are doing. My main thought is that of hand laying of track work. Its really not that hard at all. Certainly much cheaper than rtr track and turnouts.

      Jerry Kitts
      Willits, California

      On Jun 4, 2011, at 7:10 AM, henrik laurell wrote:


      Hi Stephen,

      I have been around the same thoughts many times to.. Another solution is to use S scale standard gauge which is 22.4 mm gauge. That would imply more like 700-750mm gauge, but slightly easier to find stuff to kitbash, also cheaper.

      If you live in the states, american On3 stuff would be the logical choice to kitbash on since that is 19mm gauge. 

      But that is not easy (or cheap..) to find, if you live in Europe.

      If I dare to say so in this group, 22.4mm gauge in 1:24 scale makes 538mm gauge IRL ..... :P 


      On 4 June 2011 15:31, Stephen <auslend@...> wrote:

      I’m curious about something. If I am using G gauge track (1.75inches) for 1/32 scale and want to make a 60cm (~24 inch) gauge military layout of WW1, what track should I use? HO gauge track is about 5/8 inch (16mm). That is very convenient to use as there are umpteen zillions (a slight exaggeration) of wheel and axel sets and power units and literally miles of track available. It is easy enough to remove the old tie strips and put in correctly sized ties at the correct intervals.

      However, if I want closer accuracy I need to use OO scale track 19 mm (3/4inch) tracks and power units and wheel sets. Problem is in finding them. Right now I have all the HO gauge track and power units, wheels, etc. that I’ll need for my layout.  

      I can see little problem widening the HO track to OO gauge since I’ll be replacing the ties anyway. Getting the OO running gear and the like may be a bit of a problem.

      I already have the Scale Link Hunslet 4-6-0T and three W.D. Type “E” Bogie 12-ton Dropside well wagon kits but no wheels and no motor for the locomotive. So I have to choose between an appropriate HO or OO gauge power unit, which will pretty much determine the track gauge. This will be pure military, not post war civil use.

      This brings me to your 1/32n2 layout. What are you going to use for your 24 inch track gauge? HO or OO? How have you been faring in your quest for OO gauge parts (assuming you live in the USA)?  How are you tackling the problem of power units and wheel and axel sets?



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      Subject: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: 1/32 American narrow gauge layouts


      Well, I also don't know if there are any of these layouts. But recently I started with a friend of my a layout in 1/32n2. We are just at the beginning of it and have never build in these scale (always 0n3 and 0n30). So there will be a lot to learn and even more scratchbuilding in this scale but we like that. Here is a link to my friend website and how far we are. (remember we are just beginning ;-)


      --- In FS32NGModelrail@yahoogroups.com, Gil Flores <mrbungalow01@...> wrote:
      > I am modeling 1/32n 2 and n20 I am working on a WWI Baldwin 4-6-0 that I am converting from a Bachmann 2-6-0  in two foot and a ACCO (Arizona Copper Co.) 0-4-4 from a Grandt Line Porter to one of the nine 20" baby gauge American locomotives, I like number 3, 5 7 & 8. I am building number 3 in "O" scale right now converted from a Bachmann 0-4-2 and using a Backwoods Miniatures upgrade kit.
      > There are a lot of applications for 20" and 24" gauge and that works out great in 1/32! Jerry Kitts of Foothill model works promises to do a few projects in 24" gauge! C'mon Jerry get off the stick! LOL
      > Jerry Lawrence for the Terripin Narrow gauge Society has built a few 20 and 24 gauge 1/32 models and he's currently working on a layout, you can check out some of his work on the Terrapin website. I do not know of any layouts yet, but there must be some out there? Maybe someone will chime in ???
      > Gil Flores
      > Star Idaho
      >  http://www.terrapinnarrowgaugesociety.com/
      > From: Frolin Marek <Frolin@...>
      > To: FS32NGModelrail@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Thursday, June 2, 2011 9:42 PM
      > Subject: [FS32NGModelrail] 1/32 American narrow gauge layouts
      > Evening,
      > Is anyone modeling American narrow gauge in 1/32 scale? That is doing say, 1/32n3 or 1/32n2 or such, American?
      > I model in 1/22.5 indoors, and have what is considered Gn3 (American 3ft modeling but on G meter gauge track). But also have some Standard Gauge G scale (not that little 1/29 stuff), that runs on Gauge 3. Was doing Gn3 long before the correct scale of Fn3 became available. Have a couple examples of the two on my site at...
      > http://www.frolin.net/mmrr/data/equipment.html
      > Have often thought that true G scale, 22.5 was large for indoors. Course the F scale, 20.3 would be larger! But Doing 1/32 #1 scale, and then 3ft narrow gauge, would be a nice size. But not fould anyone doing much big modeling or layouts. Seen a couple diaramas though.
      > So thought would ask if any websites out there showing American narrow gauge in 1/32, and or layouts too?
      > Frolin
      > Marek Mountain RR
      > http://www.Frolin.com



      Jerry Kitts
      Foothill Model Works
      Visit our web site at
      (707) 459-5587

    • clausoggitte@nielsen.mail.dk
      Daniel Well, mostly because I did the building while on holiday in our summer cottage. I forgot to bring wood, but had some plastic card in the bottom of my
      Message 69 of 69 , Jul 13, 2011
        Well, mostly because I did the building while on holiday in our summer cottage. I forgot to bring wood, but had some plastic card in the bottom of my tool chest.

        And frankly I find it quite funny to build with what's at hand rather than rely on a well stocked shelf of materials. I know choosing the right material contributes much to the final result, but having fun with what's at hand brings a special feeling to modelling (for me at least). I have always liked to find modelling material at no cost - old packaging material, scrap plastic, odd piceses of wood, dirt, branches etc. Stimulates one's creativity.

        Best regards 


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