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9119Mike South's trains

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  • Mike South
    Dec 2, 2010
      > Hi,
      > You may recall that Mike South passed away in August 2009. I am
      > only now investigating how I can dispose of his beloved train
      > collection. He had mentioned that maybe someone in this group might
      > be interested in some of his collection, or know other people who
      > would be. I would be more that willing to pay a commission to
      > anyone who can facilitate any sales. At this point in time I have
      > to admit that I am not even sure exactly what I have. Mike's lists
      > are all on his old computer and I cannot e-mail from that computer,
      > or even print at the moment, but I do have someone trying to
      > download the material on to an external hard drive and convert it
      > into a format compatible with our current computer, so it is
      > possible that I may be able to access some relevant information,
      > always supposing I know what I am looking for!
      > Please let me know if you might be interested, or if you have any
      > helpful suggestions. I can be contacted at janesouth@... or by
      > replying to this e-mail which I am sending from Mike's old account.
      > Here in Calgary it is very snowy so I wish you a Merry Christmas.
      > Yours sincerely,
      > Jane South

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