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872Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: Wheels/Trucks

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  • ufffam@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2000
      In a message dated 8/31/00 10:30:01 PM EST, destech@... writes:

      I've posted some pictures back into the shared files of these trucks.
      I'm also making correct Gilpin sideframes/trucks for some 3/8n2 Gilpin
      models. These are entirely cast out of resin. They are a little bit
      fragile, but work well. I posted a picture of this sideframe pattern in
      the shared files also.

      More later,

      Doug Heitkamp
      Foothills vs Doug--my appologies which also probably expalains why I could
      not find the photos! You guys do such good work it is hard to differentiate!

      Bill Uffelman
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