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  • Daniel
    Jun 1, 2010
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      Hi all:

      Under the name EXPERIMENTS WITH LOUVRE SHUTTERS I've created a new photo album with pictures of what I've got after a frustrated illusion of getting them done in cast resin.
      I milled a block of oak wood with my improvised milling machine and then cut to size (2mm thick X 14mm wide X long) and surrounded it with pieces of strip wood.
      The photos show a comparison with another shutter made from Plastruct material surrounded with styrene.
      The wooden one hasn't been sanded, just glued after being cut. The plastic one is not glued, just laid on a piece of tape to see the difference.
      I like the wooden one but oak wood, also if it is strong enough, has a too big and deep grain what causes some of the 0,4mm blades of the louvre to break. I supPose palm wood will be a better choice but am afraid the thin blades will also break because the wood is not so strong. I'll see. The problem now is finding a piece of palm wood -or something better,with a big enough cross section because the grain must run in the blade's direction.
      Anyway I'll make several in oak because they have a natural heavy weathering which will fit in a couple of very old houses in my French village.
      The other problem, I'm afraid, will be my neighbours: I need at least 200 shutters (in different sizes) which means a lot of milling.

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