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7965Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: Tailor Creek Tramway

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  • kim marsh
    Mar 4, 2010
      hi ron.
      i have a collection that goes back 15 years and it has lasted well inside.there is one variety [i do not know its name]of hedge that produces the most intricate branch structure .come to think of it there is a variety of white daisy bushes that also make large trees.
      cheers kim
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      Subject: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: Tailor Creek Tramway


      Good idea Kim.
      I have a bottlebrush shrub and each time I prune it there are some great branches and things that I look at and think they must be useable. Some are quite straight and look like great trestle bridge uprights.
      I don't know about their longevity tho, but I think they might be okay if inside.

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