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7883Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Which scale ( Was : Priming MDF)

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  • daniel caso
    Feb 1, 2010

           That is a good tip. Thank you.
           Do you know about any other modellers modelling 9mm scale on 16,5mm track?
           In 1/34 600mm gauge would be 17,6mm, not so far from 16,5mm. Not bad at all.
           Do you have any links to 9mmscale producers so I can see what is available?
           I think I am a member of a 9mm scale yahoo group but, sorry to say, I joined just with the aim of promoting the now gone FCALV project.
           I'll take a look at that now but any other information will be welcome.

           Thank you again.


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      Subject: [FS32NGModelrail] Which scale ( Was : Priming MDF)
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      Date: Monday, February 1, 2010, 10:59 AM


      Hi Daniel,

      Can I suggest you consider 9mm scale, which is close enough to 1/34 that it's not worth quibbling over. (For the pedants, it's 1:33.833 according to my calculations. )

      It's already used in several countries to model 3'6" gauge trains on 32mm track, and is close enough to 1:35 that all the military models can be used. The discrepancy between 1:35 and 9mm scale is 3.45%, and the discrepancy between 1:32 and 9mm scale is 5.72%, so models from all three scales can be used with care together if the "base" scale is 9mm. Whereas 1:32 and 1:35 scale differ by 9.38%, really a bit too much for most items. Again for the pedants, all my calculations were done using the following formula, {larger scale minus smaller scale} divided by the smaller scale.

      I'm also agitating (politely !!) for a small NG steam loco kit to be produced in that scale, which I feel would help to kick it along, but that is another story.


      Ian J

      --- In FS32NGModelrail@ yahoogroups. com, daniel caso <d.caso@...> wrote:
      > Claus:
      >     Nice to know you are having a good experience with the kits.
      >     I hope we'll see plenty of pictures soon.
      >      The other change is that I'll go 1/35 instead of 1/32. Too many cool 600mm gauge prototypes out there and also too many nice stuff from the military modelling world.
      >      Another option would be to go 1:33,5 and compromise both sides using de little scale difference to accentuate depth.
      >      The only reason to stay at 1/35 or 1/32 was the possibility of a modular (sectional) layout with other modellers here. But except Marc, who has got the GTM virus, all other fellows have their nose fixed on American prototypes.
      >      The isle layout will probably be an isle also in scale terms.
      >      I still have some of the dioramas I was preparing for FCALV at home. I saved the Gn15 and 0n18 ones but the rest is already gone. Anyway I have stored them where they will probably stay for a couple of years. After working for so long in so many scales at oncer I really want to concentrate on just one project.
      >      Also I've ordered some TAP Platinum System casting stuff which is said to be odourless, top quality and not so expensive.
      >      So I hope by the end of the year the isle will be at least something presentable.
      >                          Daniel

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