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7738SV: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: My first plaster casting...

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  • Hans Hammarsten
    Jan 3, 2010
      Hi Robert

      Thank You, it's fun, but I do think I got a bit carried away here...looks more like it would fit in to a war diorama... ;0))

      It's Lightwieght Hydrocal I use, and I carve it before it cures and get al dry.

      I make very easy molds, I just take my drawing, first i did the casting on the paper...no good, and put in a plastic pocket (? the ones you can keep in a binder?)
      then I just use masking tape and fixate wooden sticks cut to lenght to the plastic pocket on top of the drawing. As for wall one and two I aded carbord pieces to get different depth of the casting, allso sticked with tape. Nothing to it realy.
      I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of my work before casting. But I will do some more castings, then I will do a tutorial...if some one wants me to.

      I put in new pictures in my photo file " A Test shot..."

      Best regards
      Hans Hammarsten

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      Ämne: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: My first plaster casting...
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      Hi Hans, is this plaster of paris, or some other material like wall filler which can be purchased at a local hardware store?
      A few years ago I tried with a premade light wall filler over a wooden frame,which once dried was quite hard to engrave/inscribe random stone on to. I have never compleated it.I'll add a couple of photographs of it one of these days.
      for your first try you did a good job.I am not too good at this stuff how did you make your mold.

      --- In FS32NGModelrail@ yahoogroups. com, Hans Hammarsten <hanshammarsten2002 @...> wrote:
      > Hi to You all on this new 2010.
      > Just did my first casting in plaster for my loco shed
      > it's a near (very near) copy of Marcel Ackle's loco shop in G scale,
      > You my find it at  http://www.feldbahn -modellbau. ch/
      > I just loved it and thought I should give it a go on that one.
      > My first casting didn't work like I wanted it to, my way was the wrong way.
      > I thought I could do a print out of an mirror image of my drawing, and draw lines with a collored pen and cast directly on to that one, but that didnt work. But to rescue my first casting I starded carving away on it
      > And I think it will work.
      > I put in some pictures in my Photo file " A Test shot..."
      > http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/FS32NGMode lrail/photos/ album/1077924025 /pic/list
      > Best regards to you all.
      > Hans Hammarsten
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