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  • Roy C Link
    Oct 4, 2009

      My original patterns were cast in brass - the side tippling wagons on my 1:32 version of 'Crowsnest Tramway' were made to run on 3/4in. gauge track.

      See article (and photos) in the REVIEW, issue 26. I made new buckets from pantographed brass parts. The chassis though, remained unaltered - apart from one which I extended to make a 'brake end platform' version.

      I doubt being cast in whitemetal makes any difference, in fact, the brass castings probably exhibited more shrinkage.



      On 3 Oct 2009, at 23:06, Kelvin A. White wrote:


      Will the chassis on the Wrightline's skip allow the fitting of 19mm ie 2ft gauge wheels?
      Kelvin White
      Oxford, England
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      Sent: Friday, October 02, 2009 10:20 AM
      Subject: Re: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: Wrightlines 7mm / 1:32 skip


      The KBscale skips are indeed to strict 1:43.5 scale, 7mm to one foot. They are replicas of the Robert Hudson (Leeds) 'Rugga' skip. This is a design dating to the early 1930s and the channel frame is formed with the channel facing inwards.

      The skips sold by Wrightlines come from patterns I made in the early 1980s and, although sold by Wrightlines as 7mm scale are actually 1:32 scale models of a 1/2 cubic yard UK manufactured 'continental' skip.

      The skips currently sold by Slater's are true 1:32 scale and originated with messrs Bantock & Lantz. They are 'Rugga' type. Later, they sold the patterns to Terry VanWinkle in the USA and he used pattern maker David H Smith to improve the patterns and create a plastic injection tool for the bucket (the original was a two part casting. To the best of my knowledge, Dick Christ (a friend of TVW) had no connection with the model that I know of. Made under the name 'Bridge Models' the range moved to Slater's - where David H Smith is now chief designer.

      You can check most of this through the pages of 'Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling REVIEW' - it is all there if you care to look for it!

      Roy C Link

      www.narrowgaugeandi ndustrial. com

      On 2 Oct 2009, at 09:28, daniel caso wrote:



      You wrote:

      - ex-RCL, current KB scale skip/bogies I have and are way to small for 1:32/35 (e.g. compared to the Slaters).

                                     Those are 1:43,5 (7mm to the foot scale)

      - Slaters, I have and look nice and have a "flat" outside frame (sorry don't know how to discribe it better).

                                      Those are Hudson's, a very specific type.

                                      I've heard that Slater's are not 1/32 but 1/35, but not sure.

      - Wrightlines skip/bogies. I don't have those but have a [ shaped frame and are supposedly more 1:32 than O-scale (designed by Roy C Link ?!?). Due to the frame I would very much like to have those. 

                                     Those are 1/32 and a more "international" prototype: from

                                     Decauville (France) to O&K (Germany)  every factory has

                                     produced that type in several sizes and gauges.


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