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  • Claus Nielsen
    Aug 4, 2008
      Hi Daniel
      Thanks a lot for your kind words.

      The rebuilt Magic Train steam loco was done some years ago - my
      second serious attempt at a 1:35 loco, actually. Most of the info for
      the project came from published drawings and photos. I had some help
      from an article in a Swedish modelling magazine that contained a
      template for a cab. The idea was that you could test a 1:32 rebuild
      on a Magic Train loco in no time by copying and cutting the template.
      No need for cutting in the 1:45 model. I remade the template for my
      own loco to fit my 1:35 scale and used it for drawing out
      measurements on plastic card.

      The rebuild can be done by simply putting the cab on an unchanged
      Magic Train steamer - an operation that could probably be done in an
      evening or two. I rebuilt the rear of the loco quite substantially,
      lengthening the rear frames, moving the cab rearwards. I actually
      wrote a small article on the project, but removed it from the files
      section some time ago. Might re-upload it again? In the files section
      you can actually still find the cab template - just print, check for
      size and cut!


      I hope you are progressing with your interesting factory layout and
      laser cut wagons. I cannot wait to see more!


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