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5878Re: [FS32NGModelrail] More Laser cut photos

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  • daniel caso
    Jul 5 3:56 AM
              Sorry.My mistake.


      --- On Thu, 6/5/08, Evan & Correne James <bce@...> wrote:
      From: Evan & Correne James <bce@...>
      Subject: [FS32NGModelrail] More Laser cut photos
      To: FS32NGModelrail@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, June 5, 2008, 12:52 PM

      It was aimed more at Paul in New Zealand. Out here, anyone can have a 
      cottage industry type of business, which is just as well because there
      would be no modelling of the two major scales for NZR modelling, (9mm
      to the foot and 3/16 to the foot) without them.
      By the way Daniel - there is nothing wrong with your English.


      On Jul 5, 2008, at 6:43 PM, daniel caso wrote:

      > Evan:
      > It is not clear to me -sorry, again my poor English- if you
      > encouraging me to keep it as a friendly modeller activity or to start
      > a business. If you mean the last, I wish it would be that simple!!!
      > Here in Holland to sell things you need an official registration as
      > business, to estimate in advance how much you think you are going to
      > earn each year; to count 36% taxes in your prices; to ad 19% BTW
      > (something as VAT) and then arrange the packings and sending and
      > adding the mailing costs that of course will differ from sending to
      > sending. Once you have done all that you need a careful administration
      > (on paper and computer) for the government. Further you need to keep a
      > careful agenda for orders from clients but also for your materials,
      > printed instructions, packing materials, etc.
      > And, believe me, that would be just the start of it. And all this not
      > to mention that if you are exporting probably -the rules here are very
      > specific for each thing- you need a more complicated legal
      > construction.
      > Holland is a marvellous country, but as long as you understand that it
      > is 5% ground,10% people,35% water and 50% papers and rules.
      > Anyway if someone wants to go commercial and use my services as
      > designer I would consider it,
      > I did consider the possibility, but honestly, what happened with
      > Tom York was a hard lesson for me. He deserves quite another situation
      > than being forced to a full time job in a grocery.
      > The risk would be of sacrificing the joy of my modelling and,
      > honestly, I couldn't afford that.
      > Daniel
      > --- On Fri, 7/4/08, Evan James <bce@...> wrote:
      >> From: Evan James <bce@...>
      >> Subject: [FS32NGModelrail] Re: More Laser cut photos
      >> To: FS32NGModelrail@yahoogroups.com
      >> Date: Friday, July 4, 2008, 1:23 PM
      >> If you are able to get the kits cut on as as needed basis, then all
      >> you will need is the digital files which only cost the value you put
      >> on your time and tie nothing up in the way of product inventory.
      >> evan
      >> --- In FS32NGModelrail@ yahoogroups. com, Woodie Greene
      >> <mogollonry@ ...> wrote:
      >> >
      >> > Daniel-if you want to sell kits, I say "go for
      it"...however, doing
      >> so may be bad for your personal hobby. I did not manufacture kits,
      >> but I did have a profitable custom building business many years ago
      >> and (maybe it was just me) the pursuit of money for my modeling led
      >> me to about a 15 year burn out. No trains, I sold everything I had
      >> and got totally out of the hobby. Whatever advances went on during
      >> those years didn't interest me, I just didn't have "the
      feeling" that
      >> I used to. I have known a couple of other modelers who got into the
      >> model railroad business and lost their desire to mess with model
      >> trains. Now, a good friend of mine builds and sells (for a great deal
      >> of money) 1:20.3 rolling stock...and he has virtually no time to
      >> build anything else, he has some On30 stuff, but no time for what he
      >> wants to do. Doing something for the love of it is one thing, but
      >> doing something for money tends to destroy the "magic".
      This is of
      >> course my opinion, whatever you do, I wish
      >> > you the best and as they say in Hollywood-"break a
      >> > Woodie
      >> >
      >> > Paul Woods <paulandclaire@ ...> wrote:
      >> > Daniel
      >> >
      >> > All my local laser cutting companies are involved in making
      >> > advertising signs or engraving things like trophies, or both.
      >> > could even try contacting an electrical installation firm to ask
      >> > where they have their warning signs and labels made, (The stiff
      >> > plastic ones you see rivetted to big switchboards) quite often
      >> > are laser-cut these days, so they might be able to point the
      >> >
      >> > Making a living selling any type of kit is the challenge, it is
      >> > just restricted to laser cut types ;-)
      >> >
      >> > Regards
      >> > Paul
      >> >

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