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5875Re: More Laser cut photos

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  • Evan James
    Jul 4, 2008
      If you are able to get the kits cut on as as needed basis, then all
      you will need is the digital files which only cost the value you put
      on your time and tie nothing up in the way of product inventory.


      --- In FS32NGModelrail@yahoogroups.com, Woodie Greene
      <mogollonry@...> wrote:
      > Daniel-if you want to sell kits, I say "go for it"...however, doing
      so may be bad for your personal hobby. I did not manufacture kits,
      but I did have a profitable custom building business many years ago
      and (maybe it was just me) the pursuit of money for my modeling led
      me to about a 15 year burn out. No trains, I sold everything I had
      and got totally out of the hobby. Whatever advances went on during
      those years didn't interest me, I just didn't have "the feeling" that
      I used to. I have known a couple of other modelers who got into the
      model railroad business and lost their desire to mess with model
      trains. Now, a good friend of mine builds and sells (for a great deal
      of money) 1:20.3 rolling stock...and he has virtually no time to
      build anything else, he has some On30 stuff, but no time for what he
      wants to do. Doing something for the love of it is one thing, but
      doing something for money tends to destroy the "magic". This is of
      course my opinion, whatever you do, I wish
      > you the best and as they say in Hollywood-"break a leg!"
      > Woodie
      > Paul Woods <paulandclaire@...> wrote:
      > Daniel
      > All my local laser cutting companies are involved in making
      > advertising signs or engraving things like trophies, or both. You
      > could even try contacting an electrical installation firm to ask
      > where they have their warning signs and labels made, (The stiff
      > plastic ones you see rivetted to big switchboards) quite often they
      > are laser-cut these days, so they might be able to point the way.
      > Making a living selling any type of kit is the challenge, it is not
      > just restricted to laser cut types ;-)
      > Regards
      > Paul
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