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  • daniel caso
    Jul 2, 2008
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                    Exactly!!! That is my point too and that is why I want to follow my own desires instead of trying to produce what may look commercially attractive. I had a similar experience with paintings. After five years of Art school I was painting and enjoying it a lot until I decided to start giving painting lessons to earn my money. After two years I was enjoying giving lessons a lot, learning lots from my students and earning very little money... but I didn't paint any more because after so many hours of lessons I had enough of it. So the pleasure of painting disappeared . I've been also making maquettes commercially for many years and the same happened. So twice is enough. That is why I intend to do this just for my hobby, as a way of making it affordable for myself.
            Also, doing it commercially means being constantly confronted with the need of doing concessions related to production/sales matters. When I designed the coach and the other things I was just trying to please myself. That is also the way I am designing the other things. So, for example, I thought I would make the frames and the roof for the coaches by hand. That is easy work for all us and there is no sense at "producing"the pieces. But when I started here to think at selling suddenly I felt forced to include all those for me unneeded parts. That would make the models commercially more acceptable but would also increase the prices when personally I don't need that. So I am reflecting about all those things. Also, seeing the huge amount os possibilities that methods as laser cutting offers, I am thinking that probably the best way will be to just share the CAD drawings for the costs of my own pieces and the posting.  So everybody would be able to let it cut locally and in the quantities he wants. Sending the CAD drawings would cost nothing since it can be done by e-mail. Of course it wouldn't be a problem to let it cut here if someone wants me to. At least in this first experience with Argentina, the company that made the cuttings say that there is no price difference between cutting one plate of two hundred because it involves minimal work to set the machine. I'll see if here is the same. May be doing so can also stimulate many of us to get in contact with the method and that means that in the future other  fellows will provide us with other designs too.
              The last thing I would sacrifice is my hobby. It has  many functions in my life and is a source not just of pleasure but also of learning, experimenting and last but not least of
      peace.Something of an activity that brings together the kid I was, the man I am and the old man I'm becoming. Going commercially would mean among other things, being forced to look for taxes, agenda, stocks, and many more. packings, instruction folders, etc. That would consume most of my time. So I'll keep it very simple.


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      Daniel-if you want to sell kits, I say "go for it"...however, doing so may be bad for your personal hobby. I did not manufacture kits, but I did have a profitable custom building business many years ago and (maybe it was just me) the pursuit of money for my modeling led me to about a 15 year burn out. No trains, I sold everything I had and got totally out of the hobby. Whatever advances went on during those years didn't interest me, I just didn't have "the feeling" that I used to. I have known a couple of other modelers who got into the model railroad business and lost their desire to mess with model trains. Now, a good friend of mine builds and sells (for a great deal of money) 1:20.3 rolling stock...and he has virtually no time to build anything else, he has some On30 stuff, but no time for what he wants to do. Doing something for the love of it is one thing, but doing something for money tends to destroy the "magic". This is of course my opinion, whatever you do, I wish you the best and as they say in Hollywood-"break a leg!"

      Paul Woods <paulandclaire@ woodsworks. co.nz> wrote:

      All my local laser cutting companies are involved in making
      advertising signs or engraving things like trophies, or both. You
      could even try contacting an electrical installation firm to ask
      where they have their warning signs and labels made, (The stiff
      plastic ones you see rivetted to big switchboards) quite often they
      are laser-cut these days, so they might be able to point the way.

      Making a living selling any type of kit is the challenge, it is not
      just restricted to laser cut types ;-)


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      > Now what I need is finding someone able to laser cut my drawings
      here in Holland. Argentina is O.K.  but the posting costs and the
      sending risks are too high and would double the prices.Also i would
      like to find a better material than MDF. It works good for the
      coaches and windows, but for tiny objects I am not sure.
      >                             Daniel

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