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  • Greg
    Feb 2, 2008
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      --- In FS32NGModelrail@yahoogroups.com, "peter853435"
      <peter.frederickbird@...> wrote:
      > Just like to thank all those folks who responded to my request for
      > suppliers in this scale. It would seem almost no one models in
      > scale, nor supplies parts in this scale, so I'll go it alone.
      > Before i do however I'll establish a few standards to work with,
      > perhaps write them down, and add the sheet to our files.
      > Also i'll put them here for discussion before casting in concrete,
      > all FS32NG Members, please comment if you feel it necessary.
      > The first standard is perhaps the track gauge, obviouse i guess
      > 1-1/8th inches, but should this be tolleranced?
      > Once i've bedded the above i'll follow with rail code.
      > Peter Bird.
      > Lincolnshire
      > England UK.

      G'day Peter.
      If you Make a master of the parts you really want, then there's
      small spin casters like my self, who can do small runs at a fair
      price, would care to send a list of what you require, so we can see
      if I can HELP
      Greg Ellis (curley1066)

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