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  • kkimmarsh
    Oct 7, 2007
      --- In FS32NGModelrail@yahoogroups.com, daniel caso <d.caso@...> wrote:
      > Kim:
      > I still remember the impact of discovering your work some
      months ago. I think I understood something wrong then beacause I
      registered as No Hope. Later I understood that was because I didn't
      saw the number betwee "No. " and "Hope". Later, at the middle of the
      colosal images stream provoked by discovering the Yahoo groups, I
      asked Woodie if Hope was also his work. Looking back I can see you
      both model quite different scenes but I recognice a certain aproach in
      both that I woauld like to find in my own modelling.
      > Any way: I admire the originality of Hope and the rally
      happy ,provocating modelling feeling it radiates.
      > I saw the just posted pictures of the Deutz. Well, I would
      like to hear/see the story behind it.
      > Thank you for sharing.
      > Daniel
      > kkimmarsh <kkimmarsh@...> wrote:
      > good afternoon friends please find in the new photo
      section 2 photoes
      > of my finished deutz diesal.after a lot of stuffing around i am very
      > happy about how it turned out.the bodie is mainly stryine with a bit
      > of wood and metal.i put on a non standard seat, roof.the finish is
      > tamiya spray cans lightly weathered and sealed with a matt coat.i am
      > still trying to decide what style of coupling i will use .any way till
      > next time all the best from kim.
      > good morning daniel thanks for your comments.with the little deutz
      it has been a long process . i was lucky in getting a chassie from
      Bernard Snoodyk .i understand that bernard has retired from
      professional model building shame because he is seriousaly gifted.i
      think the chassie is to 1-35 scale but looks great in 1-32.that is one
      of the draw backs to 1-35 and 1-32 is the lack of to scale chassies
      with quality mechanism.i like to build the bodies not the mecks.armed
      with some 1-1 referance i built the bodie out of stryine.the engine
      hood is a little heigher than the original,, but works well with the
      rectangular shape of the roof.i did a lot of research on seats the
      original tractor style i near impossible to scratch build so i wanted
      on that was easy to build and looked good,the bench style works
      well.everthing else is scratch built.you would not believe it ,that i
      built 2 other versions before this one they all ended up in the bin.my
      interest is of a obsesed hobbie maker i feel if i approached it
      commercially i would loose a lot anyway all the best kim.
      > ---------------------------------
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