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  • Mark Stonbraker
    Jun 1 6:26 PM
      Hello All,
           Tom has already produce great kits that can be used in 1/32-1/36 scales.  I have his water tower and turn table kits, both of which I plan on using for an Indonesia sugar cane railway.
      Mark Stonbraker

      Woodie Greene <mogollonry@...> wrote:
      Tom-I am familiar with your work and I am sure that whatever you would like to offer would be great. It seems that most of the fellows here build "Euro" prototype, but a critter is a critter anywhere. My buddies and I build funky mining equipment based on twenty inch and twenty four inch gauge prototypes and would welcome most anything. If you do a US type loco, you might consider parts that would convert available On30 locos. We have found that Bachmann's stuff "upscales" nicely. and operates well so maybe an idea there. Freight cars would be nice, probably 4 wheel types. Structures would be welcome also, small ones might be more popular than some of the stuff I build (smelters, business, enginehouses, etc.). Of course there is always a need for "junk" and "clutter". I hope this helps you out. Now, I may not be the guy who will make a manufacturer rich since I love to scratchbuild most everything, but who knows? Detail parts and auto & truck conversion kits would really interest me however. You can look at my meager efforts in the photos section-Mogollon Railway in Texas. For me, 1:32 scale is "where it's at" after building in most every scale known to civilized man.
                    Woodie C Greene

      Tom Yorke <tomyorke@bellsouth. net> wrote:
      ............ ......... ......... ..... I have been a quiet member for many years on this list. My business is
      producing model kits and parts for mainly On30 and 1/4" scale. That market seems to be
      very "flat" now. Too much available. Modelers too cheap to buy anything of quality (except
      locomotives from Bachmann). The main slogan seems to be " it's good enough".

      I love designing and producing specialty miniatures. True, the markets are small and niche. I
      do have a small line in G scale but the 1/4" line is sitting. HO scale is a little small for me to
      see but I will probably go back to producing it. My question to this group is what do you
      want? Would it be worth it for me to do miniatures in 1/32 - 1/35 scales? This is one
      manufacturer who is interested in your scales. Would you like a few resin conversion kits for
      vehicles, some small structure kits and maybe a few locomotive conversion kits following my
      Scrap Yard Dog series in On30? I will post a few samples of miniatures over the weekend so
      those who are not familiar with my work may see what I am talking about. You could also
      visit the yahoo group Yorke_Kits for a wealth of info.

      I would like to know if you guys are interested in some special kits that I can do for you.

      Tom Yorke
      tomyorke@bellsouth. com

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