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    Jun 1, 2007
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      Tom Yorke and other members of the group:  I personally would be interested in conversions for Bachmann steam locos (a la the Mogollon & Los Pinos Porters) & gas mechanicals and perhaps a 1920s or 1930s dump truck conversion for some of the very beautiful 1/32nd truck models which are readily available at reasonable rates from Motor Mint and Diecast Direct (a semi flatbed trailer, moving van, or a canvas covered stake bed load would also be nice).  In addition, I would be interested in the Frijole Flats series in 1/32nd scale as there are a number of us who model the Mexican border area.
      Just some thoughts for you to consider.
      Byron Davey

      Tom Yorke <tomyorke@...> wrote:
      ............ ......... ......... ..... I have been a quiet member for many years on this list. My business is
      producing model kits and parts for mainly On30 and 1/4" scale. That market seems to be
      very "flat" now. Too much available. Modelers too cheap to buy anything of quality (except
      locomotives from Bachmann). The main slogan seems to be " it's good enough".

      I love designing and producing specialty miniatures. True, the markets are small and niche. I
      do have a small line in G scale but the 1/4" line is sitting. HO scale is a little small for me to
      see but I will probably go back to producing it. My question to this group is what do you
      want? Would it be worth it for me to do miniatures in 1/32 - 1/35 scales? This is one
      manufacturer who is interested in your scales. Would you like a few resin conversion kits for
      vehicles, some small structure kits and maybe a few locomotive conversion kits following my
      Scrap Yard Dog series in On30? I will post a few samples of miniatures over the weekend so
      those who are not familiar with my work may see what I am talking about. You could also
      visit the yahoo group Yorke_Kits for a wealth of info.

      I would like to know if you guys are interested in some special kits that I can do for you.

      Tom Yorke
      tomyorke@bellsouth. com

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