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  • Claus Nielsen
    Jan 11, 2007
      Hi Kevin
      Yes, the Campagne is a near future modelling project in 1:35. I have
      been on the look out for references on this type of loco for the
      better part of three years. Last summer I finally made a break
      through in my search when I located a preserved 600 mm Campagne in
      Spain and made contact with the group of preservationists that
      restored the loco to running order. One more reason to appreciate
      the great work carried out by volunteers world wide to preserve NG-

      The preserved loco is of a later model than the World War I-version
      one I'm going to model. Regardless of that, the +100 photos and
      measurements provided by the Spanish enthusiasts will be of
      invaluable help in making the model. My loco will be the one in the
      last photo in the Campagne-folder titled `1917'.

      My last three model locos have been grey and I made a decision that
      the next loco I build would as a major criterion not be grey! The
      1917 Campagne in three colour camouflage certainly isn't grey and
      fits the many French Pechot-wagons I have built during the last two

      Sorry to fill up this much space, but obscure prototypes are just my
      thing and makes it hard for me to stopÂ…


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