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4117Re: [FS32NGModelrail] figures

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  • Craig Elliott
    May 8, 2005
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      Hi Greg,
      Check the group messages from February 2005. There was quite a bit of
      discussion on figures at that time. Most of the finds seemed to be European
      in origin which might explain their absence in your local hobby shops.
      Messages # 4039, 4043, 4044...etc.
      I have also been looking high and low for non-military figures without
      much success. Most of them require quite a bit of rework. Even the
      civilians tend to be WWII vintage which makes their clothes way too modern
      for the turn of the century stuff I am after. Even WWI stuff is very rare.
      I bought some vintage plastic car kits that contained figures but the
      quality is poor. They are sitting so I am hoping to stuff them in cabs
      where they won't be too noticeable.
      I am considering just making my own figures from wax. I know this is
      old school but I remember doing this in HO as a kid by following articles
      in back issues Model Railroader. It was quite a chore in HO but it may
      prove much easier in 1:32. I think it was a John Allen article to narrow
      the vintage a bit. I don't have the article now.
      The basic idea was too take some soft stranded wire and bend it into the
      desired figure shape. Then dip it in wax repeatedly until you build up the
      desired thickness for the body parts. Then use knives and files to do the
      final shaping. The article used parafin but I find it a little soft and prone
      to breakage and melt damage even from the heat of your hand. You would
      be better off using a jewellers wax that you can get from a jeweller's supply
      store or a good craft store. The big benefit here is that you can shape the
      figure to suit your situation. You could also use heads that availble for
      airplane models and just add the bodies to them as described above.
      The heads are the tricky part to carve realistically.
      If you end up creating some masterpieces you could always make rubber
      molds and go into production for the rest of us. :-)
      Let me know how you make out.

      Gregory Wright <gregorywright2002@...> wrote:
      I am having a hard time finding anything but military figures at regional hobby shops.  I know civilian figures are out there, but i'm not finding them.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

      Greg Wright

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